Oscar- Short Story- Review

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Oscar- Short Story- Review

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tammikuu 19, 2012, 4:34pm

I liked this short story because it is about this child being a poor Indian child. The theme of this short story is child identifies the truth of his life. The child describes the life of being on the "Rez", reservation. He tells you that his mom and dad are poor, his grandparents were poor and their parents were poor, therefore making it hard for his parents to go to college. He wanted to save his dog's life, but he didn't have a job and his parents did not have extra savings. I did enjoy the short story because I understand how Oscar feels because I lived close to the reservation here in Mississippi and now I see the other side. I can't decide if I agree with the author's opinions because I don't know what it is like to live on the reservation and have parent's who drink all the time and no money. His parent's seem to care and provide for Oscar and his siblings, but they do not provide the best. I did not think that some of the language used in this story were necessary and should only be given to 9th graders for reading. I don't know how I would relate this story to another story, but I can relate to mine. If I were Oscar's teacher I would tell him that he can make a better life for him and his future family.

I think that this would be a good story on bullying. Kids bully other kids for their clothes, parents, looks, and some kids are just mean looking for attention. This story explains Oscars feelings and emotions on dealing with bullying. I would definitely use this story in my classroom.

tammikuu 20, 2012, 11:24am

I really enjoyed this short story. Usually I have a hard time getting into short stories and I do not read them very often but this one was really good. The story is about a boy named Oscar, who is very poor and lives on the reservation with his family. The story tells the life that he lives and him really identifying himself. His family is very poor and the live on the reservation. He talks about all throughout the line of his family that they were all poor. He had a dog and he was honestly his best friend. In the story the dog becomes sick and his parents cannot pay it to take the dog to the vet. This broke the little boy’s heart and told his family he would get a job and pay them back. The dad ends up shooting the dog because he is suffering and that really broke my heart.
Throughout the story I got so close to Oscar. I really felt for him when he was hurting and I was able to really connect with him and what he was going through. I don't think agree with the author's opinion. I feel like his parents really cared for him and did all they could for him considering the situation.
I think this book would be good for older adolescents. There is language in it that I do not think younger adolescents should be reading. I really do not like cursing so I would not let my students read this if they were younger adolescents. Besides the Language I believe this book is a great book for someone who is dealing with being bullied. This story lets you feel the emotion that Oscar is dealing with when he is being bullied. It also lets you feel how he feels when his friend stands up for him to some other kids.