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Simon Beckett

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toukokuu 8, 2007, 7:33 am

only published one book so far The Chemistry Of Death but definitely an interesting British author to keep an eye on...

Simon Beckett's style of writing is similar to that of Kathy Reichs and Kathryn Fox but whereas they are both medical doctors and the forensic medical background is part of their training, Beckett was a journalist on the Daily Telegraph who wrote his story after doing a piece for the his newspaper magazine about an American Forensic Training Establishment in Tennessee (The Body Farm).

I was really impressed with his debut novel The Chemistry Of Death (was short-listed for the 2006 CWA Duncan Lawrie Dagger), a real page turner and particularly enjoyed it because of the forensics angle (can be pretty grim in some parts though!)

Has anyone else read this book?

kesäkuu 15, 2008, 2:35 pm

Yes, I just finished it and enjoyed it very much, although I thought some bits were fairly predictable. It was well written and the main character, David Hunter, a tormented forensic anthropologist, was interesting. He features in another book called Written in Bone, which I haven't read yet, but am on the look-out for.

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