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Neil Cross

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tammikuu 13, 2011, 5:46 am

I posted this in the Crime and Mystery group but had no replies so thought i would ask the question here as Neil Cross now lives in Wellington.

I was in a discount book shop this afternoon and saw five Neil Cross novels all at $4.99 each.... Christendom, Holloway Falls, Always the Sun, Burial & Captured.

I started looking at them and they seemed okay...but given that in the last month I have amassed 25 new books i withstood the urge to introduce myself to a new author. However i have come away thinking "hmmm maybe I should have" (yes i know its an addiction I have!!!). One of the things i do enjoy is finding a new author and then reading all of his or her books in succession.

So has anyone read him? Did you enjoy his books? and is there an author you would suggest he is similar too?

I could always go back...... ;-)