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10th Annual Hunger Games (englanti)

18-yr-old Rowan traumatized by Siglen on 'lifting to Callisto Tower (englanti)

1st Beetle Attack on Deneb (englanti)

4-yr-old Jeran Gwyn-Raven melds with in-utero Cera Gwyn-Raven to calm her after battle that she joined in (englanti)

4-yr-old Rowan's Terror at entering spacecraft (englanti)

74th Annual Hunger Games (englanti)

75th Annual Hunger Games (englanti)

The 75th Hunger Games (saksa)

Afghan Civil War (englanti)

African-American Civil Rights Movement (englanti)

Assassinat de John F. Kennedy (ranska)

Assassinat de Medgar Evers (ranska)

Assassination of John F. Kennedy (englanti)

Assassination of Medgar Evers (englanti)

Assassinio di Medgar Evers (italia)

Battle of Pavia (englanti)

Battle of Shanghai (englanti)

The Battle of Troyes-Le-Mont (englanti)

Beetles return for second attack on Altair (englanti)

Black Sox Scandal (hollanti, ranska)

Charleston (S.C.) Slave Insurrection, 1822 (englanti)

Cold War (englanti)

Damia becomes Aurigae Prime (englanti)

De Mars op Washington met M.L.King (hollanti)

De moord op John F. Kennedy (hollanti)

Death of King George III (englanti)

Die 10. Hungerspiele (saksa)

Drooglegging in de VS (hollanti)

English Civil War (englanti)

First Contact with Mridani (englanti)

First Contact with Sodan (englanti)

First female Republican Vice Presidential candidate [2008] (englanti)

Focused Talented Minds destroy two beetle ships, fling third away (englanti)

Ford Day (ranska)

French Resistance (englanti)

Great Depression (ranska, englanti, norja)

Great Fire of London (englanti)

Great Leap Forward (englanti)

The Great Revelation (englanti)

Guerra in Afghanistan (italia)

Guerra sovietico-afghana (italia)

Guerre civile en Afghanistan (ranska)

Guerre Soviétique en Afghanistan (ranska)

Gwyn-Raven children fostered on Deneb, allowing them to train their talented children (englanti)

Holocaust (englanti, katalaani)

Hurricane Katrina (englanti)

Jazz Age (hollanti, ranska, englanti)

Massed minds toss Beetle ships into sun (englanti)

Mouvement pour les droits civiques des Afro-Américains (ranska)

Mrdini exchange program (englanti)

Mud slide, Rowan Mining Camp, buries 3-yr-old Angharad Gwyn alive in a chopper (englanti)

Neunjähriger Krieg (saksa)

Nine Years War (ranska)

The Noble Experiment (norja)

One pod with queen and eggs recovered from carnage (englanti)

Operation Barbarosa (englanti)

Opkomst Bob Dylan (hollanti)

Partition of India (englanti)

Première Guerre mondiale (ranska)

Procès (ranska)

Prohibition aux Etats Unis (ranska)

Prohibition in the United States (norja)

Quarter Quell (englanti)

Rescue of The Rowan Child, true name unknown (englanti)

Rose's escape (englanti)

The Rowan meets Jeff Raven of Deneb (englanti)

The Rowan overcomes her fear of porting when Jeff Raven seriously injured (englanti)

Second Sino-Japanese War (englanti)

Seconda guerra mondiale (italia)

Segona Guerra Mundial (katalaani)

September 11 Attacks (englanti)

Soviet-Afghan War (englanti)

Spanish Inquisition (englanti)

Superflu epidemic (englanti)

Toinen maailmansota (suomi)

Total eclipse of the sun (englanti)

Track hivers to find last ship, discovering many colonized, failed and ignired M5s along the way (englanti)

Unknown T! of Deneb calls The Rowan for help against invanders (englanti)

Vietnam Oorlog (hollanti)

Vietnam War (englanti)

WO-I (hollanti)

World War I (englanti, norja)

World War II (hollanti, ranska, englanti)

World War III (ranska, englanti)

Zombie Apocalypse (englanti)