Book Characters for MurrayMase

Characters within the books in MurrayMase's library

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore


Ei-Kukaan "Eikku" Owens

Harry James Potter

Hermione Jean Granger

Jack Dandy

Jack Frost

Jack Ketch

Jack Nimble

Jack Tarr

Jacks of All Trades

Josiah Worthington

Jupiter Pohjoinen

The Lady on the Grey

Liza Hempstock

The Man Jack

Miss Lupescu

Mistress Owens

Mo Quilling

Morrigan Korppi

Mr. Dandy

Mr. Owens

Mrs. Caraway, the Lady Mayoress

Nick Farthing

Robert Langdon

Ronald Bilius 'Ron' Weasley

Scarlett Amber Perkins


The Sleer

Sookie Stackhouse

Sophie Neveu

Äiti Slaughter