Book Series for Louisesk

Series that books in Louisesk's library belong to

Summary: 121 Series

The 12-Minute Method: Beat Procrastination, Be More Productive and Finally Do That Thing You’ve Been Meaning To Do

According to Humphrey

Aderyn Wood's Borderlands

Agnes Lockwood Mysteries

Alcott Family Adventures

Ancient Origins [Storey]

Aoife Walsh

The Archivist



Best True Crime

Black Orchid Enterprises

Blood of a Fae

The Blue Fairy

Blue Moon Bay Witches

Book Store Cozy Mysteries


The Broken Well Trilogy

Bruno Johnson

Bucket List Mysteries

Captivating Guides to History

Daiyu Wu Mysteries


Damien Murphy Pet Sitting and Murder Investigations

The Damned and the Dead

Darkened Skies

DC Jack Warr

DCI Walker Crime Thrillers


Detective Hiroshi

DI Barney Mains

DI Matthew Stannard

Domestic Thriller Collection

Dottie Manderson mysteries

The Dragon Misfits

Drowned Earth


Empire at Twilight

Erez Brown mysteries

Erin Prince

Eternal Alliances

The Eyes

The Fairy Godmother Tales


Fantasy Romance

The Fear of...

Frankie Johnson FBI Local Profiler

From Wyrdwood - Catsitter Mysteries

Ghost from the Molly-House

Glass Slipper Adventure

Goddesses of the World

Grimm Academy

Grimm Academy Series

Harbor Springs Cozy Legal Mystery

The Haunted Shores Mysteries

Haunting Clarisse

Hedgewitch for Hire

Henry Crowne Paying The Price

The Hesitant Mediums

Hospice Heroes mysteries

The Hot Dog Detective Series

Jake Desmet

James Flynn Escapades


Kat Lawson Mysteries

London Killing

Lost Treasures


Maggie Sloan Mysteries

Magical Kitten Cozy Mysteries

Me Three

Medium with a Heart Paranormal Mysteries

Mercenaries in Suits

Mind Hackers

The Mind Sleuth Series

Modern-Day Fairy Tale Series

Mountain Shadow Mysteries

Night Vigil

Nine Heirs and a Spare

Once Upon An Academy

Paige Hanson

Partners in Crime

Patmos Sea Fantasy Adventure

Primetime of Life

Princess Rouran Adventures

Quest Chasers

Ranger of the Titan Wilds

The Realm

Realm Killer

The Red Riley Adventures

The Rolling Alchemists

La Rosaleda

Rove City

Saga of the Outer Islands

Samantha Kidd Mysteries

Sara Flores, Werewolf P.I.

Sarah Greene Mysteries

Sass and Steam

The Serial Killer Anthology

Seth and Ava Mysteries

The Silencer

Skip Langdon

Small Town Lawyer


A Sri Lankan Mystery


Talba Wallis

Tale of Tales

Tales from Ondiran

Tales of the Dissolutionverse

Tanto Thrillers

Taylor Morrison

Tea and Tarot Cozy Mysteries

Terces Society | Secret Series

Thistle Island

Tidecaller Chronicles

A Tyranny of Angels

Vampire Chicago

Voodoo Lucy

The White Dragon Saga

Write Club Mysteries