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Series that books in KriRand70's library belong to

Summary: 1,235 Series

"Rabbit" Series

12 Rules for Life



20th Century Political Thinkers

50 Ideas


A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts

AAR Studies In Religion


Accursed Share

The Acquisition of the Holy Spirit in Russia series

Acta philosophica Fennica


Advances in Systems Theory, Complexity, and the Human Sciences

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Advokat Sophia Weber

The Aesthetics of Resistance

Africa Trilogy

African Trilogy

Airman's Odyssey

The Alberta Trilogy


Alex Cross

Alex Delaware

Alexander Lectures

Alexandria Quartet

Alice's Adventures

Allan Quatermain

Allmän historia

Allmän litteraturhistoria

Amber Books - Essential Identification Guides

Amber Books - The History of World War I

America in the World

American Academy of Religion Academy Series

The American Empire Project

American Gods

American Heritage Junior Library

The American Trilogy

The Americans

Amerikanska inbördeskriget

The Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library

Ancient Philosophies

Anders Knutas

Andy Carpenter

Angelina Silver

Ann Lindell

Annals of Communism

Annika Bengtzon

Annika Bengtzon

Anthropology, Culture and Society

Antikens historier

Approaching the Ancient World

Arguing About Philosophy

Arguments of the Philosophers

Aristotelian Society Monographs

Armchair Theologians

Arn Magnusson

Art and Imagination

Art and Its Histories

Art of the Twentieth Century

D'Artagnan Romances

Artemis Fowl

Aschehougs verdenshistorie

Ashgate Science and Religion Series

Ashgate Studies in the History of Philosophical Theology

Ashgate Wittgensteinian Studies

Atlas of World History

Atlas zur Weltgeschichte

Auschwitz Trilogy

Autobiographical Trilogy

Die Autobiographie von Thomas Bernhard

The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell

Autobiography of Janet Frame

Autobiography of Maxim Gorky

Avalon, Chronological Order

Avalon, Published Order

Avant-Garde & Modernism Studies

De avgörande slagen

The Avignon Quintet

Axel Steen

B1bl10teca matematica [Corriere della Sera]

Bachelard Translation Series

Balthasar's Explorations in Theology

Bampton Lectures


Bantam Book Gift Edition

Baracken Trilogie


The Basics

Baskimaan murhat

Die Baumeister der Welt

Baztan Trilogy

Beckett's Trilogy

Being and event

Bellman noir

Ben, the Fifth Child

Benfica Cycle

Berger & Blom

The Berlin Stories

Bernie Gunther

Bertolt Brecht, Stücke

Bibliotheca Historica

Biblos, Omnibus

BIG IDEAS // small books

The Big Questions

Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization

Black Series

Blackwell Ancient Lives

Blackwell Companions to Philosophy

Blackwell Companions to Religion

Blackwell Critical Readers

Blackwell Fundamentals of philosophy

Blackwell Great Minds

Blackwell Guides to Great Works

Blackwell History of the Ancient World

Blackwell History of the World

Blackwell Philosopher Dictionaries

Blackwell Philosophy Anthologies

Blackwell Philosophy Guides

Blackwell Readers

Blackwell Readings in Modern Theology

Blackwell Readings in Philosophy

The Blackwell/Brown Lectures in Philosophy

Blackåsen Mountain

Blade Runner

Blix & Ramm

Bloch's The Principle of Hope

Blood in the Sun

Bloom's Literary Criticism 20th Anniversary Collection

Bluffer's Guide

Bob's Basics

Bombi Bitt

Bonniers allmänna konsthistoria

Bonniers världshistoria

The Book of Lies - Twins Trilogy

Books that Changed the World

Boorstin's Histories

Border Trilogy

Bosnian Trilogy

Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science

Bra Böckers folksagor

Bra Böckers Världshistoria

Brangwen Family


Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible

The Breakfast-Table Series

Bridge Trilogy

Britain Trilogy

British Monarchy

British Moral Philosophers

Brother Cadfael Mysteries

Bryant's Napoleonic Trilogy

De Buddenbrooks

The Buru Quartet


C. G. Jung Foundation

C. Henry Smith Series

C.W. Sughrue

Cambridge Companions to Philosophy

Cambridge Companions to Religion

Cambridge Concise Histories

The Cambridge Dictionary

The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Schopenhauer

The Cambridge History of Political Thought

The Cambridge History of Science

Cambridge Introductions to Key Philosophical Texts

Cambridge Introductions to Literature

Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy

Cambridge Medieval Textbooks

Cambridge Philosophical Biographies

Cambridge Philosophy Classics

Cambridge Studies in Christian Doctrine

Cambridge Studies in Contentious Politics

Cambridge Studies in German

Cambridge Studies in Philosophy

Cambridge Studies In Philosophy And The Arts

Cambridge Studies in Religion, Philosophy, and Society

Cambridge Studies in Social Theory, Religion, and Politics

Cambridge University Press : Major European Authors

Camino Island

Canetti's Memoirs

Canopus in Argos: Archives

The Cantos

Capital: A Critique of Political Economy

Capitalism and Schizophrenia

Captain Nemo

Captain Nemo Trilogy

Carl G. Hempel Lectures

Carl von Linnés resor

Carter Blake

Cascade Companions

The Case for ...

Cat Kinsella


Cato Isaksen


The Cemetery of Forgotten Books

Central Issues in Philosophy