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Summary: 132 Series

50 Series (Harrison)

African Systems of Thought

American Casebook Series

An American Civil Liberties Union handbook

American Liberal Religious Thought

The Annals of America

Antioch Review

Asimov's Guide to the Bible

Assassin Trilogy

The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell

Baltimore Catechism

Bampton Lectures

Blanco County Mystery

Bloomsbury Studies in Continental Philosophy

Breath: Poetry for Reflection

British Moralists, Being Selections from Writers Principally of the Eighteenth Century

Cambridge Critical Guides

Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and Law

Carbon Ideologies


Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing

The Chicago History of American Civilization

Civilizations Rise and Fall

Clarendon Law Series

Columbia Themes in Philosophy

Constitutionalism and Democracy

A Critical Issue

The Darwin College Lectures

DI Mike Mulcahy

The Divine Comedy

Dwight H. Terry Lectures

The Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Enlightenment [An Interpretation]

The Essential Peirce

Ethics and Action

Everyday Life Series

Fels Lectures on Public Policy Analysis

First Books Series

The Fundamentalism Project

Fundamentalism Project

Gifford Lectures

Giordano Bruno

God and Government

Great Religions of Modern Man

Guides for the Perplexed

The Handy Answer Book Series

Haney Foundation Series

His Dark Materials

The History of the Origins of Christianity

A History of Western Philosophy (Russell)

Home University Library of Modern Knowledge

Homer's Epic Cycle

Homo Sacer

How to Series

Humanism Today

Ideas Explained

Indiana Series in the Philosophy of Religion

International Library of Philosophy


Isaac Hecker Studies in Religion and American Culture

J-B Carver Board Governance Series

Key Concepts in Philosophy

Lectures at the Collège de France

Library of Living Philosophers

Library of the World's Best Literature

Looking Backward series

Milestones in Catholic Theology

Mind Matters

Morality, Society and Culture

Nash's History Of The Conservative Movement In America

New French Thought


Norby, the Mixed-Up Robot

Open Media Series

Opposing Viewpoints

The Page-Barbour Lectures at the University of Virginia

Paul Carus Lectures

Pelican Objections to ...

Philosophical explorations

Philosophy in Action

Pittsburgh Series in Social and Labor History

Plan B

The Politically Incorrect Guides

Popular Culture and Philosophy

Princeton Monographs in Philosophy

Problems of Philosophy

The Prophet

Read & Resist

The Reference Shelf

Reflections in Natural History

Religion By Region

Religious Perspectives

Renaissance Humanism [Foundations, Forms, and Legacy]

Rhetorical Philosophy and Theory

Richard Dawkins' Memoirs

Routledge Fundamentals of philosophy

Routledge History of Philosophy

Routledge Philosophers

Rupert Hart Davis' memoirs

Science And Its Conceptual Foundations

The Science of Life

The Secret Diary of Harold L. Ickes

Social Movements Past and Present

Sociobiology Trilogy

Standard Works of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

State of the World

The Story of Christianity

The Story of Civilization

Studies in American Biblical Hermeneutics

Studies in Continental Thought

Studies in Cultural History

Summa Contra Gentiles

SUNY Series in Chinese Philosophy and Culture

SUNY Series in Philosophy

SUNY Series in Systematic Philosophy

SUNY Series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology

Tanner Lectures

Tarner Lectures

Teaduse teedelt

Thinker's Guides

Today and Tomorrow

Transversals: New Directions In Philosophy

U.S. National Debate Topic

Understanding Physics

University Casebook Series

Vital Signs

William James Lectures

The Wisdom Library

Worldwatch Environmental Alert Series

Writers & Readers ... for Beginners

The Yale Intellectual History of the West