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The LibraryThing APIs are disabled until further notice (last updated on 1/28/2021). If you would like to be notified when they are re-enabled, please email info(AT)


Mitä nämä API-jutut ovat?

The LibraryThing APIs (Application Programming Interface) give you the ability to write your own programs that tap into a wealth of LibraryThing data. So what's stopping you? Dive in.

Saatavana eri makuina

The LibraryThing APIs come in types ranging from XML-based web services to simple cover image URL requests. Which flavor you use to build your application depends on what you are trying to do and what platform you are using.

LibraryThing API flavors

LibraryThingin kansikuvia

Kaikki 1,000,000 LT-jäsenten tallentamaa kantta saatavilla.

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Perus-API:t ja Easy Linking

These APIs are basic REST-ful URL transactions. You hit a URL and LibraryThing sends ba

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The LibraryThing Javascript APIs are meant to enhance the content of your pages by allowing you to get LibraryThing data directly from within your own Javascript.

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Web Services APIs

The LibraryThing Web Services APIs offer a slightly more advanced form of interaction but it's still easy. The format is a simple HTTP GET or POST action. The only hiccup is that you must get an API Key to use the services. We plan to dramatically expand the offerings of the LibraryThing Web Services APIs soon.

View the Web Services API documentation


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Jos käytät jotain LibraryThing-sovellusliittymää omassa sovelluksessasi tai www-sivustollasi, haluasimme mielellämme kuulla siitä ja tehdä sinne linkin.