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Jun 28, 2006
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Tom Carew [NE Atlantic Pretannic Archipelago/NW Europe ]
About My Library

Most [3,712 ] cataloged so far. Interests include: Irish, Ulster, Scots, German, European, US, Military, Greek, Jewish History & Literature as well as Philosophy, Aviation, Space, Poetry, Spirituality, Theology, Israel/Middle East, & writers like Sam Keen, Sam Beckett, Albert Camus, Martin Gilbert, Conor Cruise O'Brien, Nikos Kazantzakis, Richard Kearney, Hubert Butler, Oriana Fallaci, Neal Acherson, Claudio Magris, Karl R. Popper, Paul J. Tillich, Gabriel Marcel, Albert Camus, Emmanuel Levinas, Martin Buber, Amos Oz, Martha C. Nussbaum, Susan Neiman, Hilary Putnam, Rebecca Goldstein, Asa Kasher, Kathryn Schulz, Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

About Me

Un-fence-ible-in Free Spirit & Un-categorizable. FACEBOOK, Twitter & YOUTUBE fan. Profiles on Blogspot, Facebook, www.LinkedIn.com.

Available for media appearances, debates, articles, commissions, panels, talks. Irish BLOGGER & Writer & Philosopher. "Strenuus pro Virili Libertatis Vindicator" [Dean Jonathan Swift, 1667-1745]. Activist, a gradual but radical reformer but Counter-Revolutionary, for a Via Media. A ROUNDHEAD, neither Cavalier, nor Digger. A Williamite more than a Jacobite. A GIRONDIN, neither Ancien Regime, nor Jacobin. A TRUDOV(N)IK, neither Tzarist nor Bolshevik. For Lilburne, Condorcet & Kerensky, neither Winstanley, Robespierre nor Lenin. With Socrates, not Euthyphro. With Aristotle more than Plato. With Bernard J F Lonergan & Richard M Kearney & Max Horkheimer. With Sam Beckett more than James Joyce. With Poets Bertolt Brecht, Rilke, T S Eliot, Robert Burns, Francis Ledwidge, Michael Longley, G A Studdert-Kennedy, John Hewitt, Richard Murphy & Louis MacNeice more than Yeats or Heaney. With Job & Epicurus, not Augustine or Calvin. With Camus, not Sartre. With Fromm, Frankl, Yalom, not Freud. With PM David Ben Gurion, MG & Pres Chaim Herzog, LTG & PM Ehud Barak, Martin Buber & Amos Oz, not Begin or Shamir or Bibi or Kahane or Bennett. With Dubcek & Tito, not Brezhnev or Stalin. With Brandt, not Ulbricht. With Conor Cruise O'Brien, not Chomsky or Tim Pat Coogan. With Hans Kung, Edward Schillebeeckx, Karl Rahner, Jurgen Moltmann, Teilhard, Thomas Merton, John Macquarrie, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Paul J Tillich, Albert Nolan, Leonardo Boff, Sebastian Moore, Kathleen O'Sullivan, John J Shea, Donal Dorr, Meister Eckhart, Matthew Fox, Harry Williams, Daniel J O'Leary, Noel Dermot O'Donoghue, John O'Donohue, & Anthony De Mello, as well as ex-Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, not Ratzinger or Calvin or Cardinal Burke or Ian R. K. Paisley. Chronic Refractory Night-Owl. Avid reader.

Independent Re-SEARCH-er, ANALYST, COMMENTATOR, especially on ME conflict, Israel, Islamicist Jihadi Ideology & Movements, Principled [Interest-based not Position-limited ] & INSIGHT-Methodology-grounded Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Security/Defence, & Ethics.
Also member of: SPME= Scholars for Peace in the Middle East; ANTI-Settler/Annexation/Greater Israel Ex-Chair of Ireland-Israel Friendship League; TUFI= Trade Union Friends of Israel; TULIP= Trade Unions Linking Israel & Palestine. Admirer of HDCA [ Human Development and Capability Association]. Former National President & [from 2005 ] Honorary Life Member - PSEU = Public Service Executive Union. Former Secretary/Treasurer: [a] Post Office Trade Union Group & [b] Peace Train Organization & [c] STOP-96 [Solidarity To Organize Peace] & [d ] AGM Recording Secretary, JRT -Journey of Reconciliation Trust [Mesen/Messines Round Tower, Flanders, Island of Ireland WW I War Memorial. Member former DAG-Divorce Action Group & Dublin West Co-ordinator 1982-83 AAC [Anti-Amendment Campaign, against 8th Amendment=absolute Constitutional ban on Abortion]. Treasurer of Reform from Dec 2018.

Passionate explorer of people, places, ideas & periods. Supporting Principled Interventionist Internationalism, I believe in strong, open UNIVERSAL Democracy & Universal Human Rights, in a context of National Sovereignty but also of EU & other equal inter-state partnerships, & in the indivisible North Atlantic & wider Anglo-Spheric freedoms, culture, ethics and heritage, and in the total defeat of both terror gangs and their toxic ideology from Belfast to Bali, from Madrid to Basra, from Kabul to Haifa, from Manhattan to Istanbul, from Adare to Beirut, from Bogota to Tehran, from London to Beslan, from Casablanca to Karachi, from Manila to Mumbai, from Loughall to Buenos Aires, and from Nice to Nairobi.

Freedom is never free - you are either a well-ARMED and determined Democrat, or else you end up either a SLAVE or DEAD. Strength is necessary, but not sufficient, for Freedom. And the Bleu in the French tricolor=LIBERTE, is not only the foundation of [ but indeed the primary & over-riding value among ] both the Blanc=Fraternite, & the Rouge=Equalite. The Good is what we grasp by the un-fettered operation of free, open, Critical Reasoning, and for reasons verified in such a Structured Process, then freely & consciously embrace & authentically live -not driven by either feelings or by any external command, or fashion, or tradition, but because we recognize & freely assent to its real & intrinsic merits, which we have personally discovered in thinking FOR, but not merely BY, ourselves.

You back either the Arsonist or the Fire-Fighter, the Drug Gang or the Drug Squad, the Suicide-Bomber or the Bomb Squad.

A Zetetic, TRI-Chotomic TRI-Lemma-ist, and Critical Realist, I reject the 12 simplistic Dualistic Binary DI-Chotomies & DI-Lemmas of [a] tyranny or terror, [b] pacifist neutrality or belligerent partiality, [c] totally unrestricted, unregulated market or statist, centralized monopoly, [d] obscurantist Fide-ISM or arrogant Rational-ISM, [e] puritanical repression or porno obsession, [f] moral Absolutism or anarchic Relativ-ISM, [g] alienated Individualism or coercive Collectivism, [h] Patri-archy or Mis-andry, [i] body or mind, [j] feeling or thinking, [k] Nature or Culture, and [l] cynical exploitation or naive optimism, which may all be Mutually Exclusive Dichotomies, but are certainly not Collectively Exhaustive options. Any Text without a Context, is a Pre-text.
I believe in "Both-And", not "Either/Or", & in the dialectical & ever-evolving "Via Media". I believe in the dynamic "Virtuous Spiral", not the static "Vicious Circle". A simple "Contradictory" [denial] is not a total "Contrary" [ OPPOSITE position, nature, tendency, direction]. "Not-A" is not necessarily "Anti-A". Re-frame the old, Closed Question & you may create a new, Open Answer. Our present interests, concerns, awareness & assumptions do not necessarily provide the solution or the strategy. And the strategy does not define the tactics.

My 21 Mottos would be:
[1] You must either Conquer & Rule, or else Serve & Lose, Suffer or Triumph, Be the Hammer OR the Anvil - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 1749-1832.
[2] What goes with the flow ? Dead fish !! - Dr. Roy Maurice Keane [ born Aug 10, 1971, Mayfield, Cork City, ex-Capt of both Man Utd FC (2008 3rd-time European Champions winner) & Rep of Ireland, then Sunderland FC and Ipswich Town Manager & Irish Asst Mgr to 2018].
[3] Those who can make you believe Absurdities can make you commit Atrocities - Voltaire =Francois-Marie Arouet [1694-1778].
[4] Life is for living, not denying, for enjoying, not controlling. Energy is for fueling, not suppressing. And challenges are for confronting, and winning, not for evading or ignoring.
Who never dares, never wins.
[5] Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty - Edmund Burke, 1729-1797.
[6] The RHF [Royal Highland Fusiliers] motto - Nemo Nos Impune Lacessit = No-one provokes us with impunity.
[7] Pote Paradidomai - I never surrender [ very different from the rigid and inflexible *Not an inch* ] .
[8] And I cherish those 6 words of Ulster poet, Louis MacNeice, 1907-1963: - The drunkenness of things being various.
[9] Thaumazein esti Arches tes Sofias = To wonder is the root of wisdom - Aristotle, 384-322 BCE, [Metaphysics].
[10] Ho de Anexestatos Bios ou Biwtos Anthrwpou = The un-examined life is not worth living for humans - Socrates in the Apology - Plato, 427-347 BCE.
[11] Those clouds are lies. They cannot last. The blue sky is the truth [ TCD-educated Rev Geoffrey A. Studdert-Kennedy, 1883-1929, Capt & WW I Chaplain- *Woodbine Willy* who was gassed by the Kaiser's Imperial Aggressors & also won MC in 1917].
[12] They that sow in tears shall reap in joy - Tanakh, Psalm 126, verse 5.
[13] Put not your trust in princes - Tanakh, Psalm 146, verse 3.

[ 14 ] I am a pilgrim on the earth - Tanakh, Psalm 119, Verse 19.

[ 15 ] Lord, Your love fills the earth - Tanakh, Psalm 119, Verse 64.

[ 16 ] I have no love for half-hearted people - Tanakh, Psalm 119, Verse 113.

[ 17 ] Pine trees will grow IN PLACE OF camel-thorn, myrtles INSTEAD OF briars - Tanakh, Isaiah, Ch 55, Verse 13.

[18] Strenuus pro Virili Libertatis Vindicator - Dean Jonathan Swift, 1667-1745.

[19] What matter that, at different times, our fathers won this sod, What matter that, at different shrines, we worship the one God - Thomas Osborne Davis 1814-1845, Mallow, North County Cork-born son of British Army Surgeon.

[ 20 ] In the midst of Winter, I found there was, WITHIN ME, an invincible Summer - L'Etranger, the Stranger/Outsider, 1942, when Albert Camus, 1913-1960 was [ like Sam Beckett 1906-1989 ] risking his life by being active in the French Anti-Nazi Resistance in WW 2.

[ 21 ] Try again. Fail again. Fail better - 1983, Dublin-born writer & WW 2 French Resistance Fighter, Samuel Barclay Beckett, 1906-1989.

An INTP/ENTJ personality on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator,and a Type 8 [The Challenger] on the Enneagram, born in the Chinese Year of the Ox, and a Leo.

NW EUROPEAN UNION, Anglo-spheric NE Atl, S Dublin Cy Ireland
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