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Apr 3, 2011
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Terry (John) Cowan
About My Library
I divide my books into 4 broad categories: Literature, History, Religion, and Commentary/Travel/Reference. I have a large Folio Society collection, in both literature and history. Am a fan of Anthony Powell, and have extensive collection of Powellania. I have divided my history books into 3 broad categories: ancient, Byzantine and modern. I use the term "Byzantine" rather than, say, "Middle Ages," because 1) Byzantine history is a particular interest of mine, and 2) it covers the entire period from Late Antiquity to 1453. I stretch my categorization a bit to include everything up to the European discovery of the New World. Everthing afterwards, is classified as "modern," and then broken down to European, American, Asian, African, etc. I also maintain a growing collection of books on the Orthodox Christian faith, both history and theology. I have only just started cataloguing, but I expect the final number of books to be about 1,800.
About Me
reading (obviously), travel (29 countries), history (Byzantine in particular), genealogical research (for the same reason some people work crosswords), Orthodox Church and theology, gardening (oakleaf hydrangeas among others), politics and current events (MSNBC fan), American foreign policy in the Middle East, favorite countries (Turkey, Georgia, Bulgaria, Syria), know some Spanish and French, learning Arabic.
Bullard, Texas, USA

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