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Aug 21, 2005
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Tim Spalding
About My Library
My interests run to ancient history and languages, especially Greek and Latin. So far I've done maybe 1/2 of what I have. Frankly, it's also gotten a bit mixed-up and redundant, as I use this account for testing the software too. (There are a couple books I test out with, because I know they have certain fields or are in certain libraries.) That said, I've got a good chunk of my history, religion and archaeology in. Greek, Latin and novels to come....

In case you're wondering, the website listed below is not me, but I am trying to force Google to see it, for a friend.
About Me
I am the founder and a developer at LibraryThing!
Also On
("eucratides"), ("eucratides"), Cork'd, Facebook, Flickr, Second Life ("Callimachus Snook"), Twitter, Wikipedia, Wordie, YouTube
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The 100 Best Fantasy Books of All Time, 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime (That Are Older Than 200 Years), 500 Great Books by Women, ALA Reading List: Historical Fiction 2020-2021, ALA Reading List: Horror 2020-2021, ALA The Reading List, Banned or Challenged Books, Best Crime Fiction, Best Dystopias, Best Fantasy Novels, Best Feminist Science Fiction, Best historical fiction set in the ancient world, Best History Books about Epidemics, Best Literature in Portuguese, Best Post-Apocalyptic Stories, Best Roman Empire Books, Best Science Fiction Novels, Best Survival Stories, The Best Vampires, Werebeasts, Witches Books, blank, Books recommended by Barack Obama, A Child's Book Tour of Greece, Children's picture books with kids of color, Diversity in Fantasy and Science Fiction, Dystopian and Apocalyptic Literature, Environmental History, Favorite Science Fiction by Women Authors, Favorite Werewolf Novels, Fiction Set in Ancient Mesopotamia, Gateway Book: Fantasy, GLBT+ Fairy Tale Anthologies, Great Pirate Books, LGBTQ+ Speculative Fiction, LGBTQIA Horror, Lindsey Davis's top 10 books about Ancient Rome, Modern Arthurian Fiction, Must-Read Books by Black Authors, Native American / Indigenous Literature, NPR Reader Poll: 100 Best Horror Novels and Stories, NPRs your picks: top 100 Sci-Fi/Fantasy books, Picture Books About Civil Rights, Reading List: Deep Dark South Challenge (Completed), Recommended Faerie books, Recommended Nature Writing, Recommended Speculative Fiction by Women and People of Color, Religious Science Fiction, Scandinavian Crime Fiction, Scary States: Pacific Northwest, SFF Down Under, Southern Fiction, Speculative Fiction from around the World, Stories of War and Revolution, Survey of Classic Science Fiction, Ten Books That Have Stayed With Me, A Ukraine Reading List, Ukrainian Culture, Weird and Weirder Fiction
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