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Sep 19, 2005
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About My Library
I inherited my Dad's 40-50 book library when he passed 25 years ago. I've since expanded it to 500+ books about all things Texas. Plus I've acquired another 300 books reflecting my varied interests in American history, folklore, the west, politics, and military subjects, as well as modern and sustainable design. My library contains everything from ex-library sale items to collectors editions. My Texana collection is of the same variety and condition.

I own copies of the entire Texas Folklore Society publications series, from an ex-Austin Public Library copy of the SMU 1965 facsimile edition of the 1935 reprint edition of "Round the Levee", the first of the series originally published in 1916, to "Cowboys, Cops, Killers, and Ghosts: Legends and Lore in Texas", No. 69 in the series and the most recent society members edition. I actively work to replace the reprint and facsimile editions in my TFS collection with first editions. I also manage the Texas Folklore Society LibraryThing.

I also have an extensive collection of images of the unique covers of the Time Life Reading Program, dating back to the 1960's. See this article from Wikipedia about this prolific publishing series: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_Reading_Program

Thanks for looking.
About Me
I'm a native Texan and lifetime Dallas resident, but now reside in Houston.

I come by my love of books honestly; my Mom was a librarian and Dad was a collector of Texana and western history, geography, and surveying.
Houston, Texas

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