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Philip Hosmer
About My Library
My library is really small for genersl reading. Books that I have read mainly get passed on. My main reading source is the internet though I find it wanting. Mostly what I hang on to are cookbooks and Scientology books. I have limited space but want a warehouse and unlimited funds. Who doesn't.
About Me
I love books and reading. I am a specialist in rescuing readers (students) from non-comprehension and the inabiliy use what they read or study. It is quite easy to do this but requires great skill as well. I have been doing this for 35 years. It is a great passion and just do it because I love it.
I love readers and students because they are curious, interested and want to know. Reading is the greatest pastime as there is so much to read and know and so much available. Books are the preservation of our culture. Libraries are the storehouse of the culture. Anyone who stores books or sells books are the ones preservint this culture.
(picture) I am not that serious. lol Philip Hosmer
Sunland, California
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