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Before Logic (Suny Series in Philosophy) – tekijä: Richard Mason

Russia's War: A History of the Soviet Effort: 1941-1945 – tekijä: Richard Overy

Alchemy Ancient and Modern – tekijä: H. Stanley Redgrove

Greek Sanctuaries – tekijä: N. Marinatos

As you like it – tekijä: William Shakespeare

Word-Formation in English (Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics) – tekijä: Ingo Plag

The tempest – tekijä: William Shakespeare

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Tietoja minustaI'm a 50 yr old ex-international pharmaceuticals executive side-lined by incurable and untreatable degenerative diseases of the spine, its connective tissues,and the spinal cord itself. However, I'm almost grateful to the diseases and their concomitant pain as I never would have uncovered what I have without it and I would not have been able to see my children and wife grow in the way I have. Gratitude aside, the pain has left no part of my life untouched. My ability to read critically was severely affected by both the pain and the medications for eight of the past ten years. Many times gathering the concentration necessary to read, or even watch a movie seemed almost impossible. When the pain was at its worst I could not stay still (either prone, sitting, or the "Zero Gravity" position). The only thing I could do was to pace about the house and try to keep from beating my head against the wall. Fortunately, an intrathecal pump that delivers Diludad (a synthetic opiate) directly to the cerebral-spinal fluid has reduced the frequency of the unsupportable pain from several times a day to just once or twice. I can't tell you how free I feel. I can even put up with the chronic, background pain better than before. I now feel that I am able to plan my life and decide what I want to achieve in whatever time I have. I have decided that my main priorities (aside from my primary priorities, being the best father, husband,son, friend I can) is to read and truly understand all of the books in my library. I know that my expeditions in the ideas contained in these books will lead me down paths I have never imagined and that will cause some books fade in importance. I intend to use LibrayThing to record my journey, what I have learned, and any insights that may come to me. I hope that this may prove useful to my children and even the grand children I'm sure I will have one day. If it comes to be of use to others - very few things could make me happier. (About the photo, I was going to change its orientation, but the way it is seems somehow appropriate.)

Tietoja kirjastostaniThis section is being rewritten.

1. My library is dedicated mostly to books on Comparative Religion, Philosophy, Ancient History, Theology, and some other works that some might define as the lunatic fringe. Most of the books are somehow related to my desire to discover and understand the symbolism, linguistics, and semiotics of what has been identified as the Perennial Philosophy.
2. Aside from these kinds of books. there are also a number of works on science and history, as well as some fiction.
3. Don't worry, I have no interest in imposing on you all of the fiction I once bought to pass the time on long flights. Nor shall I include the rather large number of works on women's health I have read (and in some circumstances, comissioned).
4. A review of my library will also reveal "books" one cannot find in any library. These are my "web books" - those I make while pursuing the hobby I described in the "about me section". I cannot share these "books" with you, but I will post their addresses. I cannot get over how many book-length websites there are. Moreover, the quality of the research, scholarship, thought, and writing of many of these sites is as good as one can find in traditionally published works.
5. I am interested in all of the books in my library and I find extremely interesting books on an almost daily basis. I do not actually own all of the works in my library - although I can putchase them in a question of seconds. I cannot say that I will read all of these works. However, at the moment it is my intention to read them all. As time goes by, I will eliminate those works that I might lose interest in and certainly include new works that seize my mind and imagination.
6. My favorite author must be Shakespeare. I believe that he was an adept of the highest level (although I doubt that he received any formal training or initiation). I see Shakespeare in the same light as Homer, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Plato, Virgil, and Imhotep. The highest and most evolved must of granted him almost infinite powers of mythic creation and use of language. As Harold Bloom rightly pointed out, "Shakespeare created our notion of the human." Our beliefs about what it means to be human did not exist before Shakespeare. There really cannot be any other favorite author.

RyhmätA Pearl of Wisdom and Enlightenment


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Parhaillaan lukemassaThe Oxford History of Ancient Egypt – tekijä: Ian Shaw
Nag Hamadi Library, The – tekijä: James M. Robinson
Genesis Revisited – tekijä: Zecharia Sitchin
Introduction to the Philosophy and Writings of Plato – tekijä: Thomas Taylor, 1758-1835
A Brief History of the Paradox: Philosophy and the Labyrinths of the Mind – tekijä: Roy Sorensen
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