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The Tao of watercolor : a revolutionary approach to the practice of painting – tekijä: Jeanne Carbonetti

Astounding Science Fiction : November 1957 - Vol. LX, No. 3 – tekijä: John W. Campbell

The Cat Who Walks Through Walls – tekijä: Robert A. Heinlein

A cook's tour of the Eastern Shore – tekijä: Easton (Md.).

H. Klose Celebrated Method for the Clarinet – tekijä: Simeon (Revised and Enlarged by) Bellison

Psychic Powers – tekijä: Time Life, Books

The Cyborg and the Sorcerers – tekijä: Lawrence Watt-Evans

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Tietoja minustaA simple thirty something doing her best to avoid Real Life. Books have always been my drug of choice.

ETA: Friending policy (alas for the days when this was one site that didn't need one!) I like friends, but I am a fairly introverted person, and I'm much more likely to reply to a friend request if I know why you want to be friends - if I've never met you (or don't know you by your lt name) it's probably not a bad idea to leave me a comment saying hi while you're at it. Feel free to add me to watch lists or interesting libraries whenever you like, though! That takes no effort on my part. :D

Tietoja kirjastostaniThis house is full of books. I personally rarely buy one that costs more than $.50, but considering the number of flea markets, used book sales, and thrift stores I frequent, that doesn't actually limit the number. Books with the SF or YA tag are actually in my and my sister's combined collection; someday Mom will get sick of having it in her house and we will have to split it up. We'll probably need to hire a divorce lawyer. Books with the Uncles tag were duplicate copies given to us by our uncles, who have even more ridiculously large SF collections than we do, but don't waste nearly as much time online. Books with the 'parascience' tag are in my library of occult/folklore/paranormal/mystical/anomalist/mythology/pseudoscience/religion/etc volumes. The others should be self-explanatory.

c. 2017 I am in the middle of a major inventory/weeding project so am discovering all sorts of new capabilities on LT. Also I am letting people on the internet vote on what to read next off my unread fiction pile, which you can do every week under the fmk tag.

Skstarwars, currently working on outgrowing its free account, tracks my sister's and my ongoing attempt to own every Star Wars book ever published. (Ten years ago we tried to do that with Star Trek, but quit and passed the collection on to our mother.)

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Parhaillaan lukemassaHow to SKETCH Sea, Town, and Country – tekijä: Len A. Doust
Wicked Words – tekijä: Hugh Rawson
Units of physical quantities and their dimensions – tekijä: L. A Sena
The Wind's Twelve Quarters – tekijä: Ursula K. Le Guin
Fantasists on Fantasy: A collection of Critical Reflections by Eighteen Masters of the Art – tekijä: Robert H. Boyer
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