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Martin Harvey
About My Library
It's pretty accurate from 2007 on and parts of back to around 2004'ish but certainly pretty sparse for the last four decades!
About Me
In the past I typically read more non-fiction but reading more fiction lately - call it 30/70 resp. When I do read fiction I like "faction" (e.g. historically, geographically, culturally accurate'ish)

Read a minimum couple of 3 or 4 and these days often more(non-professional) books a month typically - more if they are fiction and work not too pressing. Increasingly I also have an audio book on the go. I reckon I must have read 2000+/- books but many were for the library and I never kept a lot of my old ones.

Magazines: Economist, London review of Books, Fine Scale Modeler and a number of online mags ands feeds such as photography, aircraft, and plastic kit modeling.

Certified project manager, worked in the IT space. Now retired but do have a part time gig taking folks on bicycle mounted winery tours. Superb job!

Like: reading, cars, travel, photography, PC stuff, collecting die-cast model cars and making plastic models, and (too infrequent) scuba diving

Originally a Brit, live in Canada, but have traveled extensively and lived a few places including UK, USA, Saudi, Australia.

My Myers Briggs is ENTJ
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada 43°14'39.21; N 79�
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