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Lee Emerick
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Mind of a Killer due to be released 31/10/2011
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Lee Emerick born July 1982, is an author based in Staffordshire, England.
Father to Libbi and William, married to Alison Emerick Lee enjoys writing in the little spare time he has available.
Keenly interested in the genres of Sci-Fi and Horror, Lee is looking to expand his horizons and move into the Crime/thriller genre with his latest work ‘The Mind of a Killer’.


Born in Harlow, Essex, Lee moved to Leek, Staffordshire at the age of 4.
Schooled at Leek High School then subsequently Leek College Lee has been in continuous professional employment since then.
After several failed attempts at writing a book, Lee finally succeeded in 2009 when he released Super Nova. A book of the Sci-Fi genre, Lee took the inspiration from his favourite films and based the characters entirely on his friends.
Please with the outcome of Super Nova, a sequel was soon to follow called Mechanical Jihad. Influenced by the Dune series Lee had so enjoyed it was written as a tribute to the series as well as to compliment Super Nova.
Moving on from Sci-Fi, Lee entered the Horror genre with Extinction Theory in 2010. Please with the outcome and popularity with the book Lee then decided to take Horror a step further and enter the Post Apocalyptic sub genre of Horror.
After publishing 20 Years After The Zombie Apocalypse and the success of strong sales and positive reviews, Lee quickly followed it with the sequel Survival After The Zombie Apocalypse which has also been very successful.
Looking to explore other genres Lee is currently writing a book by the name of The Mind of a Killer which will be an entry into the Crime/Thriller genre. Also in the pipeline is a return to Sci-Fi but of a Post-Apocalyptic sub genre currently titled Solar Apocalypse which will explore the end of earth and the survivors left behind.


Genres of interest go without saying really, Sci-Fi, Horror and more recently crime.
Zombies in particular hold my fascination!
The Dune Series - to be fair it is just awesome.
Looking after the kids (not always through choice!).
Entertaining the wife (hard work at times).
Science and technology

Staffordshire, England
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