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Laura Navarro
About My Library
My library is a mix - I read Christian non-fiction, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, classics, and miscellaneous other stuff.
I have most of my books logged in LT, books I've borrowed from the library or friends to read, plus a a wishlist of books I know I want to own, and a to look at list of books to borrow but maybe not own.

Here are links to my main reading threads:
2014 Category Challenge
2014 ROOT Challenge

My 75 in 2012 thread
My 75 in 2011 thread
My 11 in 11 thread
My 75 in 2010
My 75 in 2009

My Library Thing wiki page

And in addition to my main blog, I have a blog dedicated to my book reading.
About Me
I'm happily married with shelves full of books.
Cornelius, NC
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