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Sep 29, 2010
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Julie Berg
About My Library

I am interested in a wide and eclectic range of subjects which include pretty much all areas of science (except for chemistry, which I loathe and am terrible at, except for biochemistry), psychology, medicine, veterinary medicine, any and all books about dogs and other animals (or animals in general), literary fiction, historical fiction, "indie" fiction and other more avante-guarde forms of fiction, award-winning and other notable books, biographies and informational novels about groups and musicians whom I adore, social entrepreneurship and other philanthropic-type novels, alternate histories, feminist and other gender-related topical books, some science fiction (although I am very picky in this genre I must admit), my favorite children's books, and a broad range of the "classics" of world literature (I at one point was on a crusade to read all of the world's classics but quickly found out this is a unceasing process). My library reflects some of these interests, but should soon be more substantially when I remember all the books that I've read, which, admittedly, might never happen.

About Me

I am an MSLIS student Drexel University, and am an aspiring science or special libraries (either rare books and manuscripts, art, museum, or music library) librarian. My first career was in microbiology, in bacterial genetics, bacterial pathogenesis, and molecular biology and worked as a research scientist in these areas, however I unfortunately realized that however much I enjoy learning about microbiology, I just don't enjoy doing the research. I remembered my fondest work experience, working as a student employee for the University of Illinois Map & Geography Library (a part of their huge and famed graduate library group), and the librarians telling me to abandon microbiology and pursue library science because I would make an excellent librarian. I loved working there so much I would ask for many extra projects or responsibilities that they would never dream of having another student employee do (such as cataloging maps, developing and implementing a new journal acquisitions & tracking system, inventorying via creating a database for all the maps held in the extra storage room filled with thousands of maps, curating the rare maps collection, and much more). They would even ask me for my opinion on library procedures and policies! I should have pursued this career path years ago, but have finally found my true calling in life, and I couldn't be happier in the library and information sciences program at Drexel. I am concentrating in library information and services as well as digital libraries, getting all the training in technology which I don't already posses and learning about all the areas of librarianship in which I am able. I also should have remembered as a child when I virtually lived at the library and could barely hold all the books I carried happily out of the library on at least a weekly basis, and checking out books to my stuffed animals, playing at being a librarian.

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Muut: National Book Festival, Center for New Words, GSLIS - Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois, The Boston Antiquarian Book and Ephemera Fair

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