Nov 23, 2019
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Jan Porter
About My Library

Award-winning author of literary fiction and personal growth books. All books are available in digital ebooks, paperbacks and large print formats via Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes&Nobel, Indigo, Koobo, Nook and wherever books are sold.

About Me

Award-winning author Jan Porter brings the wisdom of unsung heroes and explores the human condition in literary fiction to life in her notable collection of prize-winning books.

Born in rural Ontario, Canada, Jan grew up in the great outdoors, captivated by the otherworldly allure of indigenous cultures, mysticism, and tales of the northern wilderness.

Inspired by Voltaire’s 'Candide', Margaret Caven’s 'I Heard The Owl Call My Name' and the works of Robert Service, Jan discovered a passion for writing, and began to transform her thoughts into words. Handwritten scribbles became typewritten short stories, articles, and poetry, but it was only after a long career in Human Services that she began to bring various female protagonists to life. After taking early retirement and completing a Spiritualist / Metaphysical Minister’s degree, she cocooned in a northern Ontario lakeside sanctuary, where she penned spirit-world guidance books that had long been in various stages of completion.

Little did she know that one day her work would win various book awards!

With each new release, Jan continues to share the joys and challenges of the human condition that are profound, moving, inspiring, often humorous, and certainly, entertaining.


- Three-time winner of the Wishing Shelf Book Awards

- Two-time winner of the Bookworks Book of the Week Award

- Two-time winner of the Reader’s Favorite Awards

Literary fiction:

- Barefoot Alice

- Maddy’s Wings

- Soul Skin, Woman, have you had enough?

- Peaceful Warrior Woman

Self counsel:

- Angel Guides, love communication

- Angel Guides, love communication – workbook

- Angel Guides, love communication – journal

- Soul Calling, your angel-guided life purpose

*All books are available in ebook digital, paperback and large print formats via Amazon, Smashwords and wherever books are sold.


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jan.porter.50/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jan.porter.50/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNPIYOmzpYgSgemMLEhrLNA?view_as=subscriber

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