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Conagher – tekijä: Louis L'Amour

Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients – tekijä: Ben Goldacre

Curse of the Viking Grave – tekijä: Farley Mowat

Trump: The Art of the Comeback – tekijä: Donald J. Trump

Henry and Ribsy – tekijä: Beverly Cleary

You Don't Know Jack – tekijä: David W. Daniels

Dreaming Spies: A novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes – tekijä: Laurie R. King

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Tietoja minustaI am a baby boomer, married for over 40 years to the same man, mother of two adult children, and grandmother to TWO darling granddaughters! I love to read almost more than anything, consuming library books at a sometimes alarming rate.

I don't care for, nor have I ever cared for scary books (I've read some John Saul, no thank you, not again!) and I am not amused or entertained by endless descriptions of physical intimacy (I have read Clan of the Cave Bear, etc. Boring.)

I like STORIES! It can be westerns or sci-fi or children's books, genre doesn't matter (as long as it isn't scary, see above).

Among my other interests are singing (at home, car and at church), photography, gardening, knitting, bird watching, and animals (Ha! Bet you couldn't tell that by my book choices??) including my dog and cats.

Addendum: a quote that I like, a lot...from a recent read, "Firmin": "And you don't have to believe stories to love them. I love all stories. I love the progression of beginning, middle, and end. I love the slow accumulation of meaning, the misty landscapes of the imagination, the mazy walks, the wooded slopes, the reflecting pools, the tragic twists and comic stumbles."

Tietoja kirjastostaniMost of my childhood books were destroyed in storage (whimper). Also, I've had to move long distance several times, and many favorites had to be given (sob!) to lending libraries and friends due to the extreme cost of shipping/moving my tomes. Currently most of my books are paperback, but not all. My tastes have evolved, somewhat, and I enjoy mysteries, histories and other 'people' books more than I used to. An area I've not appreciated before is the Bible, the making of it, and discussions about what much of it means. And no, that's not boring at all!

Most of my recent library additions have come from Habitat for Humanity, the Goodwill Store and other inexpensive (aka 'cheap') sources such as yard sales (too bad I am not interested in Danielle Steele books...I could have a complete collection that way, lol).

Oh, and I have an addiction I have to confess: I love bookfinder.com!

One day I hope to devote an entire room in my house to books, covering the walls with shelves...except for one small area for my computer!

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LempikirjailijatJane Austen, C. J. Cherryh, Samuel C. Gipp, William P. Grady, Laurie R. King, Rudyard Kipling, Louis L'Amour, Jack London, Sharon Kay Penman, Wendy Pini, Peter S. Ruckman (Yhteiset suosikit)

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Oikea nimiMy friends know it :)

SijaintiEastern NC since 1999, but all over the east since 1963.

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Parhaillaan lukemassaRuckman Reference Bible – tekijä: Peter S. Ruckman
The Mountain Valley War – tekijä: Louis L'Amour

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