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J. Mike Jacka

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Tietoja minustaHere’s the quick background. After working for 30 years as an internal auditor for Farmers Insurance I got to retire. Now I do training and presenting and writing and anything else I can come up with regarding the profession of internal auditing. Yes, I know that sounds really boring. Allow me to try and redeem myself. I used to write the humor section of the Internal Auditor magazine (“Why did the auditor cross the road? Because he looked in the workpapers and that’s what they did last year.” Trust me – if you’re an auditor – that is hilarious) and they gave me my own blog - "From the Mind of Jacka". (Okay, haven’t saved myself yet.) First degree from ASU was in Archaeology, then went back for Accounting. Put myself through college twice playing fiddle in country-rock bands (Charlie Daniels, Marshall Tucker, Jerry Jeff Walker days.) Still play occasionally in a local band. I was born the day Disneyland open (yes, the literal day) and am interested in the joy of Disney, the business of Disney, and the immersion in experience that is integral to Disney’s success. I’ve lived in Phoenix all my life – so I don’t know any better. Besides collections of books, I also collect Disneyland memorabilia and toys from the FOX cartoon “The Tick”. Also have a great attraction to roller coasters. For my wife’s 50th birthday, we went to Ohio, Penn, and NJ to ride 50 coasters for 50 years. In a week and a half we rode 65 different coasters. Oh, and if you know anything about Wallace and Ladmo (it’s a Phoenix thing) then you understand a lot about my background.

Okay - let me try and explain the reviews. Like a lot of people on this site (I’m guessing), I want to be a writer. Actually I am. I already mentioned the humor pieces and, see that little LT Author thing up there? I’m a writer (or an author – I get lost on the difference.) By doing the reviews, I force myself to write and, hopefully, hone my skills. However, the more important reason may well be that this helps cement the books in my mind. Reading a lot, it is easy to lose what has been read. The act of writing brings each book closer to my conscious.

Ratings can be problematic. (For example, I kept finding myself using half stars. Not sure that is an issue, but it felt like a crutch. I've tried to stop that.) Here's what they mean to me. 5 - READ THIS BOOK! 4 - A good one. Probably worth your time. 3 - Take or leave, it's up to you. 2 - There was something that redeemed it, but I won't be going there again, and you should probably avoid the trip altogether. 1 - Run, do not walk, away from this book.

Tietoja kirjastostaniI inherited my love for reading from my mother (who would check out 12 to 15 books from the library each week – she still does this at 70+ years old) and my first love was mysteries. Then, somewhere about 8th grade/Freshman, I discovered science fiction – Asimov, Clarke, anyone who’s been there can name them. (“When is the golden age of Science Fiction?” “Twelve.” [I think I got the quote right.]) Hence, my collection is VERY heavy that way. In fact, only within the last few years have I determined to read more classical literature. For example, a few years ago I took my first stab at Dostoevsky – The Idiot. (There was a Prince Myshkin, but I saw no relish.) One other thing stands out to me about the collection as it stands (and there were surprises when I saw the final results, but I’ll skip those.) I will take a well-crafted short story over a novel any day. Hence, a lot of short story collections.


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