did not read (9), Did not read (9), Good easy read (7), Did not finish (6), good read (5), Good read (5), etc... (5), Excellent (4), easy read (4), skimmed (4), good suspenseful (3), Read in TX fall 2014 (3), very good easy read (3), Quick easy read (3), Good fast read. (3), Good easy fast read (3), suspenseful (3), good (3), Skimmed (3), did not read yet (3), very good (3), Interesting read (2), read as ebook (2), easy to read. (2), could not put down. (2), Gripping (2), plot did not appeal. (2), slow but interesting (2), good characters (2), Quick read (2), good plot and characters (2), Quick entertaining read (2), did not complete (2), Good quick read (2), enjoyable (2), Good gripping read (2), translated from Swedish (2), mystery (2), could not get into story (2), recommended by BarbW (2), easy and good read. (2), long (2), Easy quick read (2), historical (2), gripping (2), ok (2), well written (2), crime detective mystery (2), yes (2), non fiction (2), 2016 good read (2), Good fun light read (2), unusual plot (2), could not get into plot. (2), Easy read but story (1), Good read but not her best. (1), Simple quick entertaining read (1), very graphic murders (1), gripping so did finish but depressing plot (1), so many killed! (1), interesting plot but did not like writing style... (1), simple language . (1), good characters and story (1), easy read takes place in Ghana (1), good murder story (1), Very good easy read in Mccall's style (1), with some humour! (1), takes place in Ghana so culturely diff so more interesting (1), and so not very realistic. But still Burke at his best with Dave and Clete! Would not recommend to many. (1), murder mystery with good plot (1), plot in Ghana. (1), Good quick easy read with good plot. Slightly dated but ok. (1), two children struggling to live in the north on their own after parents die. not my taste (1), The usual. a joy to read however plot waivers between supernatural and good vs evil (1), good story and plot (1), Very good gripping read (1), interesting and quick to read (1), Loan from ASAP. Read twice. Fascinating memoir of strict Mormon girl growing up in dysfunctional family. (1), not one of Kathy's better ones. (1), Too technical (1), nothing gripping. didnot enjoy Rebus character (1), daughter of spy Kim Philby hypothetical story (1), quick easy to read good plot murder mystery (1), etc.. good but not my fav murder mystery theme (1), good suspenseful easy read. (1), Good suspenseful easy read with twist. (1), Good plot and gripping but style of writing not good. (1), Slow to start but good suspenseful read. page turner. (1), each story by twowell known authors. Read a few. (1), short stories by mystery authors (1), well written and good ending (1), Started twice but could not get into story. (1), introspective and notes from past but interesting read to see what makes him tick. (1), Very scientific. Some general take aways: fast occasionally. eat less red meat (1), Skimmed parts (1), not suspenseful so took a while. (1), Very interesting read (1), didn't have time to read but first chapter interesting and good. (1), expose body to cold temperature to promote telomeres to grow longer. Recommended supplements 1 gm restroval & 1 gm/1000mg NMN. and 1 gm metformin. Look up David Sinclair online (1), exercise and sweat (1), didnot read much (1), author recommended by MA (1), unusual historical plot (1), Read quickly (1), murder mystery plot (1), did not continue. Plot did not appeal. (1), Firs chapter too graphic (1), too much courtroom and lawyer focussed. Bosch secondary character. (1), from Ottawa (1), plot too "simple" (1), Translated (1), Read on trip to Napa and Cal. Good (1), and hard to get into... (1), interesting plot but slow moving and flashbacks (1), Good step by step plan included and chart s to follow (1), Quick easy well written read (1), a lot of detail but very interesting to read how real spy world works! Read again May 2023 (1), Quick interesting easy read about RCMp in desolute northern outpost (1), 1924. Drags in places (1), could not get engaged. (1), 500plus pages (1), good twisty plot (1), Part of large series (1), police detective. very easy quick read. (1), express loan. did not have time and could not get into but maybe try again. (1), DId not read (1), Page turner however plot moves too slowly (1), Good easy fast read. (1), not much action. Parallels Sherman murders in Toronto (1), Good read but some plot far fetched and rambling (1), good read and well written. (1), easy enjoyable read (1), Ordinary but good read. (1), Good suspense story (1), tooo vague (1), not understandable! (1), Very thick (1), express loan. Did not read yet. Highly recommended by Barb. Try again. (1), dark and graphic. Many killed. (1), hard to follow characters. (1), Gruesome but enjoyable. (1), east fast read (1), good read on RV trip. (1), good plot. Inspector Banks. (1), too much confusion (1), Too political (1), Quick easy gripping read. venue Ottawa (1), too much technical detail (1), much takes place in Guatamala. (1), Liissa P recommended. Read but dont remember if finished. (1), interesting but dragged a little. did not finish (1), could try again. American Ambassador to Ukraine who trump fires. (1), Excellent but quite detailed and medical. Skimmed but need to go back and read again. very thorough on all topics related to aging and more. (1), good plot and enjoyable read (1), but so well written. vg (1), scandinavian murder mystery. good read (1), Excellent. Good info and Makes you think about your body. Good set of stretches included. (1), Not one of her better ones (1), many cases old and new. (1), Excellent gripping long read. on RV trip. (1), Simple easy read (1), little suspense but no depth. Do not like this author. (1), retired sleuths (1), plot ok but nothing special. (1), Easy read. Cia agent being blackmailed. (1), Good easy read. Murder mystery with female Inspector in India. (1), Good mystery murder read with twist at end. (1), questions at end. Book 15 (1), good murder mystery. Book 16. (1), Havent read yet 12/2022. Book 12. (1), murder mystery. Nothing special but not bad. (1), No time to finish. little confusing (1), two story lines.. Borrow another time. (1), suspenseful and good plot with twist/ keeps you guessing until end but some parts unbelievable (1), but not as engaging as her series with the forensic anthropologist... Read in one sitting. (1), Typical Burke (1), quick fun read (1), True story (1), Book 13 (1), Enjoyable read (1), .. (1), Could not read (1), international setting (1), Sweden. (1), too heavy (1), could not get into (1), started but did not finish (1), good ending. (1), too detailed (1), good fast read (1), Very good (1), too much detail (1), good easy read (1), Not one of her best (1), OK. (1), not too deep (1), lots of detail (1), skimmed book (1), 2016 November poor character devmt. complicated confusing in parts (1), ebook read July 2018. good suspense and plot. (1), very good gripping read (1), v.g page turner like all other Robinson books. (1), Easy and gripping read (1), finished in one day. Good lot and suspense (1), Dark (1), Non fiction (1), Good read. Could not put down after slow beginning. Characters need to be sorted out. (1), erotica (1), translation (1), humour (1), audio book (1), fun read (1), graphic (1), interesting (1), fast paced (1), Excellent read (1), espionage (1), characters (1), Started (1), international (1), Historic (1), thick (1), adventure mystery costa rica (1), simple (1), spies (1), twist ending (1), Good read! (1), Read (1), easy to read (1), did not enjoy (1), true crime stories (1), plot (1), easy read. (1), Florida setting (1), Easy to read (1), from Dutch (1), husband as Russian spy. Some dragging in parts but can skip paragraphs! (1), could not put down. good plot and characters (1), based on truth? erotica (1), Very easy read with interesting plot... author writing mystery book about the murder is main character... (1), trans to Estonian by Mati Sirkel. (1), Did not read very much (1), not gripping... (1), Skimmed. Good plot and twist at end. However slow moving. (1), did not read thoroughly. Well written but plot and characters jump all over... (1), skimmed. psychological drama (1), good suspenseful read with twist ending. skimmed parts (1), Good read but some confusion of characters and settings at times. (1), Good gripping read. Interesting plot. Read in one day at cottage. (1), very readable and good plot but too graphic (1), did not finish. could restart. (1), Audio book. recommended by Barb W. Did not finish. (1), Borrowed from CPL and read quickly. Good read. (1), very gruesome beginning (1), too much description and plot does not move quickly. (1), very good but wordy and detailed. Skimmed this time (1), just skimmed. (1), Not mystery. Well written story but Did not read. (1), Murder mystery story but something lacking. Quick read. (1), Murder mystery but first half hard to sort out characters and action... (1), So so murder mystery. (1), Written by group of well known mystery writers. Good read. (1), plot simple but ok (1), good murder mystery. published 2000. (1), Did not finish. First few chapters not appealing (1), no character devmt and gorry (1), Interesting unusual quick read (1), Intellectual read (1), Feels like I had already read? Good typical murder mystery. Some confusion of characters but good plot and fun read. (1), easy to read and good plot. (1), very gruesome but good plot and suspenseful read. (1), lots of graphic violence as typical Burke but still good plot and read Characters confusing (1), alot of killing (1), but so well written! (1), Fat book but could not put down (1), v.g. suspenseful (1), medieval Tallinn so interesting setting but plot jumps around (1), characters not too developed (1), ending ok (1), Good read but a cliffhanger ending! (1), did not read. Not inspector Banks but has good reviews. (1), suspenseful and quick read. ebook. Cliffhanger end. (1), v.g. suspense (1), cliffhanger ending but ok. (1), too complex and could not get into it (1), but plot interesting (1), From Enel. Gripping read (1), some confusion at beginning. Good plot. (1), Good long read but some confusion with characters and who is who. (1), Most of story takes place in courtroom. Good twist at end however. (1), Not mystery but quick good read. Takes place in Japan. (1), takes place in two times but ties in nicely at end. (1), two plots lines (1), one present on in past. (1), Enjoyable easy amusing read (1), not true mystery but related short story plots (1), Detective Varga main character (1), Malmo Police force (1), wordy and too slow (1), Good easy to read. (1)
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Aug 17, 2007