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Aug 26, 2007
About My Library
Just getting around to entering my library, and this is really a great site and I look forward to participating more in the future. As to my rankings, they are as follows: no stars: A waste of money and time. 1 Star Not much in it to keep my attention. 2 stars. A pleasant read in the genre but doubtful I would ever read twice. 3 stars quite enjoyable, a book I likely finished in a couple of readings and could read again. 4 Stars A truly exceptional book, one that I will read more than once. 5 Stars taking it to that desert island with me. My primary reading interests are science fiction/fantasy, historical fiction and general history including the age of sail, roman and greek and of course as a southerner, the War of Northern Agression, and the Amercian Revolution.

Marietta, GA
Local Favorites

Kirjakauppoja: Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Town Center Prado, Book Exchange, Borders - Kennesaw

Kirjastoja: Cobb County Public Library - Central Library

Muut: Dragon*Con 2009

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