About My Library
The books I own. A few books that belong to my kids and they wanted me to add. Also some things that aren't actually books but that I wanted to add anyway (sheet music, comic magazines, that sort of thing).
About Me
A middle-aging man who thinks he's young. A musician and generally speaking a music enthusiast. A math teacher, which I like to think of not as a job but as a hobby. I like to read pretty much anything and everything - possibly excluding detective stories and the like.

I've been (somewhat) collecting the so-called Classics of World Literature for a while now; most of the ones I've read are actually pretty good. I've also noticed that "modern art literature" - that is, philosophically inclined general or autobiographical fiction from about 1950 onwards - is usually enjoyable.

Currently trying to catch up on modern science fiction, but that's going to be a long road.
Oulu, Finland
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