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A Wrench in the Works (A Fixer-Upper Mystery Book 6) – tekijä: Kate Carlisle

The Promise in a Kiss (Cynster Novels) – tekijä: Stephanie Laurens

Maisie Dobbs (Maisie Dobbs Mysteries) – tekijä: Jacqueline Winspear

A Curio Killing (A Keepsake Cove Mystery) – tekijä: Mary Ellen Hughes

For Whom the Bread Rolls: A Pancake House Mystery – tekijä: Sarah Fox

Summer Rental – tekijä: Mary Kay Andrews

The final detail – tekijä: Harlan Coben

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Tietoja minustaUPDATED 10/4/16! see the items between the ~~~~~!

My name is Chèli and I live in MD, the suburbs of Washington,DC. I have been married to the most wonderful man for 45 years the end of May. I love to read and cross stitch, I'm a big Orioles Fan, but my other great passion (besides my husband and family) is my Christmas village. See Message 72 for My Christmas Village


THIS PICTURE is 4 of my grandchildren - Stella (8)Molly Kate (9) Olivia (6),Miller (6), . Check out all the other pics of my 7 beautiful grandchildren - Jackson, Molly Kate, Isabella, Stella, Miller,Olivia, and Maddie Grace! I will change my profile picture as new ones become available. so check out my gallery because sometimes they changed very quickly! I wish I could get more than one at a time :-D

I am working on a 2019 Category Challenge trying to come up wih a clever theme as well as 75 Book Challenge.

I am also attempting to reduce the books on my own shelves by partcipating in
the Read Our Own Tomes Challenge (ROOT)

Bookshelf Bootie - Many book bloggers telegraph to each other what new books we receive each week with a meme called Mailbox Monday. Usually these books are received free for review or won in a giveaway. In my version (Bookshelf Bootie) I'm trying to remind myself that when books come into to my house they need to be read soon. My goal is that 25% of new books in are read in the current year. Hopefully, that will include the books that I actually purchased as well as downloaded to my Nook so that those books that show in my acquisition ticker will be read in timely manner. I want to dwindle down my TBRs by reading old books as well as all the new acquired. This will be tough. Books marked with % are sitting on my shelf and should get priority.

US Presidents Challenge (ongoing) - This year is Coolidge, Hoover, with the Roaring 20's.
There's at least 8 years left to this challenge, so join us!

Endless Europe Challenge (ongoing) - books read set in all Eurporean countries) it will take a while, so I thought the floater was approriate)

US State Challenge (ongoing) - books set in all states plus DC
8 states left
I vary my reading with audio versions of some books so that I can combine my needlework with my reading. In 2016 I'm hoping to "read" at least 25 audio versions.

I have my own blog! So many things are keeping me busy, I decided I needed to have a place to talk about it. Check them out! My book blog is Cheli's Shelves.

Tietoja kirjastostaniMy library is always changing, I buy books and when I have finished them I either donate them to a library or other friends.I only keep the 4-5 star books. Even though I'm still reading from my TBR list, it keeps getting bigger and now my TBR is a mushroom cloud that has erupted and is covering the earth!

My collections organize my books along with tags like this:

My library is actually fairly organized by tags.
Each book is identified by SPOTS - a Collection for Status and Possession of Ownership, a Type tag and a Shelf tag.
1. Collection of Ownership will be such that we know what is owned, read, borrowed
Possession of Ownership MYUNREAD, MCL, OWNED, PC

OWNED (O) Books I physically own
PC (PC) Audio Books ripped to my PC
MYUNREAD (MU) Owned but not Read
READ BUT UNOWNED (RNO) Sold or donated


4.I'm still in the process of adding Shelf tags tags for the book location - I purchased special indentifying shelf labels but I'm not pushing myself to finish this tagging part.

I don't want to give the false impression that I have over 1000 books in my home, because if there were, my husband would kill me! My library here has what I own, have read, or want to read. IN ESSENCE, IT'S MY VIRTUAL LIBRARY. Now with Collections you see how large my Wishlist is and that's not counting one's I've read about here at LT and am still deciding whether to add them to the wishlist or not.
If you'd like to see what you may have added to the list, check out the Books to Investigate collection and if your ID is there, you are an ENABLER!

If you stop by to check out my profile, say hi! I'm always looking for new friends!

Ryhmät2020 Category Challenge, 2020 ROOT CHALLENGE, 2021 Category Challenge, 2021 ROOT CHALLENGE, 75 Books Challenge for 2020, 75 Books Challenge for 2021, Fifty States Fiction (or Nonfiction) Challenge, Needlearts, Serious Series Lovers, The Europe Endless Challengenäytä kaikki ryhmät

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SuosikkikirjakaupatBarnes & Noble Booksellers - Francis Scott Key Mall, Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Rockville Pike, Borders - Gaithersburg, Second Story Books - Rockville, MD, Wonder Book Gaithersburg

SuosikkikirjastotAspen Hill Library - Montgomery County Public Libraries (MD), Enoch Pratt Free Library - Light Street Branch, Olney Library - Montgomery County Public Libraries (MD), White Oak Library - Montgomery County Public Libraries (MD)


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Parhaillaan lukemassaThe Crown in Crisis: Countdown to the Abdication – tekijä: Alexander Larman
The Midnight Library: A Novel – tekijä: Matt Haig

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