About My Library
More books than I'll ever be able to read in my lifetime. I have many Folio Society books, but am getting more picky about them - these days I buy from them only books that I truly want a high-quality version of. I did go on a spree and acquire all 50 of the Westvaco series, but have only read a few of them so far. With most other books I'm quite content with paperbacks, and with others I'm content with borrowing them from the library. My library account always has 30 or 40 or 50 books on request and suspended until I can get around to them, and I have lists here and there of books to buy some day. I try to avoid Amazon when I can.
About Me
I started reading seriously after graduating from college, once it was no longer required. I don't have any particular genre I concentrate on, but read classics, science fiction, modern serious fiction, modern frivolous fiction, history, popular science, graphic novels, finance and economics, and anything that catches my fancy. Science fiction and graphic novels are fairly new to me, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I have a lot of Folio Society books, a few from other fine presses, none that cost an excessive amount and quite a few (including a plethora of paperbacks) that cost very little.

I've passed 60 (when did that happen?) and live out on the prairie, because that's where I found employment in the ethanol business (ethanol is where the corn is), though retirement will come soon. The only other things I buy too much of are music (hundreds of records and CDs) and wine, also a fairly recent but quite enjoyable pastime. A good home-cooked meal (I've become a bit of a chef) with a nice glass of wine and music on the stereo is a great pleasure.

Two kids, two cats, a 104 year old house and a small yard that needs to be completely overhauled some day. I love camping and hiking, am growing tired of the cold in winter but once lived in a warmer region and missed the seasons too much and had to move back north.
Sioux Falls, South Dakota USA
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