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Christopher Holland

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Tietoja minustaReal name: Christopher Holland
Work as a web/technology consultant, currently working on LibraryThing itself. I've worked on the in-place editing for your catalog. I wrote most of the code behind Common Knowledge. I wrote most of the code for displaying reviews on the site. I prototyped most of LibraryThing Local. And I've dabbled in most of other code at some level or another. See my WikiThing page for more information about my past and current LibraryThing projects.

I also do quite a bit of archaeological data research. I am a former member of the Coroplastic Studies Interest Group of the AIA and I am the primary developer of numerous archaeological data tools including Digmaster and the DATS Project. I was also the director of digital tools at the Lahav Research Project's 1999 paperless digital dig season. Additionally, I was a leading researcher of novel uses for QuicktimeVR (museums, artifacts, 3D scans) way back when that was a thing. I have presented papers at Museums and the Web, AIA, and ASOR.

You can get me at christopher at librarything dot com.
Also do quite a bit of photography, drawing, and painting. You can find some of my photos on Flickr under the username of conceptDawg.

I graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Fine Art with emphasis in Graphic Design and Digital Media.

I currently live in The Woodlands, Texas, USA (just north of Houston). Before here we lived in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA though I'm not from there either. We just ended up here because my wife is a chemical engineer and her job brought us here. I grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas and went to Catholic High. We spent a while on the Gulf Coast in Mobile, Alabama also.

My ideas about design and interface were summed up rather brilliantly by Mr. Emerson quite a while before I came along:
"The beautiful rests on the foundations of the necessary."
"We ascribe beauty to that which is simple; which has no superfluous parts; which exactly answers its ends."
Goodness, that is perfect.

And as for a little lighter quote, here's Dave Gruber about Apple:
'“We’re going to make these decisions for you and offer a limited number of choices” is indeed the company’s philosophy. That’s called design.'

Tietoja kirjastostaniMost of my books are related to either art and art history or computer technology. I have a few fiction paperbacks, but those usually end up being given to friends or "loaned" out permanently when I am finished with them.

I have eclectic interests: archaeology; history; technology; history of technology; secret societies (freemasons, templars, mostly from my interest in archaeology as I've been to many of the places where their histories played out).

RyhmätAll About Art, Ancient History, Archaeology, Art & Books, Art Books, Baseball, Board for Extreme Thing Advances, Book Arts, Book Recommendations Requests, Books in 2025: The Future of the Book Worldnäytä kaikki ryhmät

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SuosikkikirjakaupatBarnes & Noble Booksellers - Eastern Shore, Barnes & Noble Booksellers - Mobile, Barnes & Noble Booksellers - The Woodlands, Bienville Books, Books-A-Million #315 - Spanish Fort, Books-A-Million #628 - Belaire Mall, Good Books In The Woods, McCormick Book Inn, Once & Again Books - The Woodlands, Page & Palette, Porter Square Books, The Book Rack: Mobile, AL, The King's English Bookshop, Viking Cooking School - Greenwood

SuosikkikirjastotChristopher's Office, Mississippi State University Library, Mississippi State University Library - Architecture Branch, Mobile Public Library - Main Library, Mobile Public Library - West Regional Branch, Montgomery County Memorial Library System - George & Cynthia Woods Mitchell Library, Montgomery County Memorial Library System - South Branch, Papercut Zine Library, Starkville Public Library

Muita suosikkejaLibraryThing H.Q., Christopher's House, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (museum and shop)

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