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About My Library
My primary area of collecting is Angling/Flyfishing Books. I have many Rare and desirable titles dating from the late 1600's to present! My interest is in the rarer limited editions, large paper editions, signed and numbered, and especially those with hand colored plates or actual flies or flytying materials included in the books. I have started collecting fly plates and have a nice collection of these as well. I am also quite interested in the reference material that relates to the angling books, etc. I have an extensive reference library in this also, including many bibliographies (Westwood & Satchell, Heckscher, Bruns, etc.), auction and dealer catalogs dating from the 1800's. I am interested in these as well as any ephemera related to angling. I am a very serious collector as I made friends with a gentleman in the Netherlands a few years ago that I met through the internet in a very strange and interesting way and I actually visited and picked up 2 titles from him (Very Rare!), now I consider him a very dear friend. By far the longest distance and most money I have ever spent on books to date!

If you should happen to run across anything in the future that you think I may be interested in…, or just want to "Talk Books", please just drop me a line. I can also possibly help you locate a title that you have been searching for either in my collection (I have a few duplicates) or from my many sources and networkings.

It has been a pleasure and I look forward to hearing from you. Is this fun or what??

Thank You & Regards,
About Me
I thought I would list a few books and see if there are any similar interests out there..., It's really fun if you can share it!

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