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About My Library
I like reading about almost anything. I think I'm reading books by American authors less and less. The only american author whom I read a lot is Joyce Carol Oates. I love Poppy Z. Brite too. I only buy what I like to read, and I do blind buys (hey, I got A. M. Homes's End of Alice and I thought it was one of my greatest blind buys). I like reading horror, and gore most of the time. This is when I don't want to read anything heavy. I think Samuel Beckett's Molloy is one of the most difficult read I've ever done. It's not because it had a heavy theme, but because the language is hard to get by. It was rewarding in the sense that, stylistically, and thematically, you can get away with anything, if you're that talented.
About Me
I am a writer from the Philippines whose aim is to provide non-Catholic themed horror stories. I am attracted to the psychological, the theatrical, and the murderous. I like listening to good music (like Diamanda Galas, Jeff Buckley, Babes in Toyland... and a lot of other great musicians... I don't know how to play a musical instrument though... Darn!), I love reading books. But lately, with work (and the lack thereof in about a month's time), I'm getting less and less time reading. Although, I try to read at least 50pp a day. I write when... I have time, as well. I have two, or three short pieces that I have been trying to finish. I guess, I'll finish them in March, when I'm back to being unemployed.
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