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Winfried Georg Sebald
About My Library
Sebald's library has been catalogued in Jo Catling and Richard Hibbit (eds), Saturn's Moons: W.G. Sebald--A Handbook (Legenda, 2011).

This is a work in progress (started Nov. 25, 2015). I will be adding books in the order they are listed in the bibliography cited above: Books contained in "My Library" include "books remaining in W.G. Sebald's former office at the UEA, at The Old Rectory, Poringland, prior to the sale of that property in August 2006" (Catling, p. 377). A large portion of the library constitute volumes donated to the Marbach literary archive and have been entered into the Marbach collection.

Other collections include books that were earmarked for sale to a used bookseller's shop, and volumes containing a contribution by WGS.

All books are tagged with subject matter. Here, I also follow Catling's classification, which could of course be expanded.

If anyone is interested contributing to the library by helping to supply covers for the specific editions owned by WGS and filling in other book info (such as ISBN and pagination, again for the specific editions, for example by cross-referencing them with Worldcat), please contact me to obtain the password.
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