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Just a collection of any book that looks intriguing and isn't too expensive. Also I only list books I own, not all the books I've read.
About Me
I'm a sophomore at Cal State Fullerton.I'm majoring in Communications with and emphasis in journalism and have a second major in American Studies. I hope to one day write brilliant novels,or at least ones that people like. I have a road bike and ride with my brother and dad. I like history and I love old movies especially musicals. I love to read, obviously, and I love to find new books that interest me. I want to travel the world and study abroad in college. I love dance, I studied ballet for about 6 yrs when I was young and still love to dance. I'm fascinated by different cultures. I love Doctor Who (esp. David Tennant)! My favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn and I love Humphrey Bogart. Just a bit about Me.

Chino, California

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VetaTorres antoi tähtiä, arvosteli, tallensi
VetaTorres antoi tähtiä, arvosteli, tallensi
VetaTorres arvosteli, antoi tähtiä, tallensi

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