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science fiction (37), fantasy (14), philosophical (12), interplanetary travel (11), short stories (10), humor (9), badass armor (8), celts (7), atmospheric (7), mythological (6), history (6), Russian (6), coming of age (6), detective (5), experimental (5), adventure (5), has great movie adaptation (4), religion (4), historical fiction (4), horror (4), supernatural (4), informative (4), mythology (4), politics (4), writers (3), future world (3), poetry (3), beautiful prose (3), psychology (3), funny (3), too (3), influential (3), memoir (3), man of men (3), oh shit! (3), murder! (3), space travel (3), darling (2), young adult (2), wizards (2), intense (2), death (2), orgies (2), or (2), Shadow (2), bureaucratic (2), you see (2), angry gods (2), invaders! (2), the moon (2), words aplenty (2), health (2), beautiful (2), german (2), irish (2), overrated (2), vampires (2), gothic (2), christian (2), fast paced (2), alternate history (2), cryptic (2), graphic novel (2), psychological (2), dull (2), science (2), however (2), interplanetary (2), angels and demons (2), perhaps (2), reading guide (2), military (2), wormholes (2), though a doubtful one (1), and departed to a yet profounder sleep. It had been a long tradition (1), and slumbered (1), infinitely referential and most probably lost in translation; a pastiche of Italian dialects; Det. Ingravallo with a jaundiced eye at existence; a brutal stabbing; poetic and difficult; completely unique; scatological and philosophical; “The glinting ey (1), burdened with winters—they had mused (1), seated in which the earliest of the Judge’s New England forefathers—he whose picture still hung upon the wall—had given a dead man’s silent and stern reception to the throng of distinguished guests. From that hour of evil omen until the present (1), weary with cares; old men (1), dreamy with love; grown men (1), after their sports; young men (1), that this was the very chair (1), whom we have just beheld so immitigably hard and resolute. Surely (1), it may be—though we know not the secret of his heart—but it may be that no wearier and sadder man had ever sunk into the chair than this same Judge Pyncheon (1), into the parlor (1), it must have been at no slight cost that he had thus fortified his soul with iron.” (1), Odd John: Homo Superior; coming of age; denial of constraints of human morality; utopian colony of superhumans from around the globe; philosophical and chockful of ideas; "The killing just had to be. It was my own childishness that had got me into this sc (1), but now--the killing just had to be."; “Blast!” he said. “It means I must take this damned dull game much more seriously. And there’s so much else to be done just now (1), far more important in the long run. I see it may be as difficult for me to beat Hom. Sap. at this game as it is for Hom. Sap. to beat apes at acrobatics. The human body is not equipped for the jungle (1), and my mind may not be equipped for the jungle of individualistic finance. But I’ll get round it somehow (1), just as Hom. Sap. got round acrobatics.”; Sirius: superdog bred with humanity in utero; all the deficiencies of canines (color blindness (1), "handlessness" (1), etc.); exaggerated sense of smell and hearing; unique perspective on sentience; emotional (1), philosophical and beautiful; Plaxy-Sirius; "Why did you make me without making a world for me to live in. It's as though God had made Adam and not bothered to make Eden (1), nor Eve. I think it's going to be frightfully difficult being me."; “Whatever becomes of me I shall always belong to you. Even when I have been unkind to you I belong to you. Even if—even if I fall in love with someone and marry him some day (1), I shall belong to you. Why did I not know it properly until today?” He said (1), “It is I that am yours until I die. I have known it ever so long—since I bit you.” Looking into his grey eyes and fondling the dense growth on his shoulder (1), and flung himself heavily in to the great ancestral chair. Many a former Pyncheon had found repose in its capacious arms: rosy children (1), in any manner (1), where the foregoing conversation had passed (1), as soon as they stepped down from the altar: in white veils (1), the illiterate day-laborer’s jaws (1), the rachitic acromegalic face already filled the pages of Italia Illustrata: already (1), he appeared to wish to avoid the eyes of all." (1), once they were confirmed (1), the moveless sun;--indeed (1), all the Maria Barbisas of Italy were beginning to fall in love with him (1), already they began to invulvulate him (1), Italy’s Magdas (1), Milenas (1), Filomenas (1), like our world (1), or in marking the progress of those orbs (1), with little more than the mechanism of animal life.”;“The Judge followed his cousin from the shop (1), crowned with orange blossoms (1), photographed coming out of the narthex (1), dreaming of orgies and the educatory exploits of the swinging cudgel.”; “Don’t do good if you are not prepared to receive evil.” (1), Verbose; very long description of the house; strong characters; picks up when Phoebe shows up; Hepzibah (1), Lord Ruthven was apparently engaged in watching the tideless waves raised by the cooling breeze (1), in the dark dungeons (1), Lord Ruthven and Aubrey in Rome; seduction of girls; Greece and Ianthe; more murder; bandit attacks; mysterious reappearance/disappearance; blood draining and nervous breakdowns; "During the last stage of the invalid's recovery (1), Clifford and Judge Jaffrey Pyncheon; stolen land; accusations of witchcraft; Maule's well; love between families with bloody history; "Governor Pyncheon" chapter an absolute masterpiece; “There is sad confusion (1), when the spirit thus flits away into the past (1), or into the more awful future (1), steps across the spaceless boundary betwixt its own region and the actual world; where the body remains to guide itself as best it may (1), Discourse on a steamer between O'Malley and Stahl; reason and fantasy; faith and empiricism; a giant Russian and his son; shadows of greater beings; Pan and pantheism; breaking free from the mundane to join a greater reality; Nature as the proper realm--t (1), and pulled (1), our madness of torment grew. Oh (1), declaiming and inactivity; Martin's letter to his wife; preconceived notions and vigilante conduct; a gruesome self-surgery on a bullet wound; cowards and close-minded citizens; failed saints; martyred hopes; “I tried just once to make him see that (1), you can’t help that (1), ’ said the Cat: ‘we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.’”; “’But do cats eat bats (1), I wonder?’ And here Alice began to get rather sleepy (1), and went on saying to herself (1), since babies are (1), I w-want to be an artist.’ ‘Of course you do (1), in a dreamy sort of way. ‘Do cats eat bats? Do cats eat bats?’ and sometimes (1), ‘Do bats eat cats?’ for (1), as she couldn’t answer either question (1), it didn’t much matter which way she put it.” (1), Moralistic Western; mob justice; lynching; sunrise to sunrise; narrator along for the ride; Davies' reluctance (1), and he turned and stared at me till I was done (1), you're not going to die yet." (1), which didn’t take long (1), and then laughed hard and suddenly (1), and stopped laughing suddenly and said (1), he was trying to play the Christ all right (1), but it wasn’t a part for cowards (1), Mr Jimson (1), the perfect subject; The Fall: The Creation; fish and feet; a crumbling wall; ‘B-but (1), and it hadn’t needed a Christ anyway; all it had needed was a man. And after that he would end each tirade against himself with another sudden laugh about trying to play the Christ. I had to let him go; if anything would help (1), that would. We couldn’t bridge the gap; he was all inside (1), I was all outside.”; "The soul of a nation or a race grows the same way the soul of a man does. And there have always been impure priests." (1), Gulley Jmson; painter (1), small-time criminal (1), fanciful and fantastic; loved the scene with the Mock Turtle; Mad Hatter in court was hilarious; surprised at how long it took her to get into the garden; the Caterpillar in only one scene?; Cheshire Cat grin; a gallimaufry of edibles and potables to incr (1), nor get up to go away. No (1), trust me as one who knows (1), I should surely have died in the first ten minutes. But I was well trained. I had behind me the thousands of hours in the jacket and (1), hanging is an easy thing compared with the way live men may be hurt in all the life of them and still live. I (1), suffered equally with them from pain and thirst; but added to my suffering was the fact that I remained conscious to the sufferings of the others. I had been an incorrigible for two years (1), and my nerves and brain were hardened to suffering. It is a frightful thing to see a strong man broken. Ever the cry for water went up (1), and the place became lunatic with the crying (1), babbling and raving of men in delirium."; "Warden Atherton (1), after a hard struggle (1), managed to insert his forefinger between the lacing and my back. He brought his foot to bear upon me (1), with the weight of his body added to his foot (1), would-be philosopher; the search for the ideal artistic expression; failed relationships; undeniable friendships; genius and knavery hand in hand; brutal about art and Jimson's guilty participation; struggling to make ends meet; struggling to find canvas (1), but failed to get any fraction of an inch of slack.“I take my hat off to you (1), ” he said. “You know your job. Now roll him over and let’s look at him.”They rolled me over on my back. I stared up at them with bulging eyes. This I know: Had they laced me in such fashion the first time I went into the jacket (1), plus that (1), for you can neither contradict (1), I had faith in what Morrell had told me.“Now (1), ” said the warden to me. “Start that smile you’ve been bragging about.”So (1), while my lungs panted for a little air (1), while my heart threatened to burst (1), while my mind reeled (1), nevertheless I was able to smile up into the warden’s face." (1), British mystery set in late Edwardian era; Dr. Armiston consults on murders centered around a sarcophagus inscribed with a curse; Maundeville's limp; The Plain Speakers and The Open Minds; jealousy and worship at the altar of a pure love; silenced rivals; (1), "remember we no more mean to be rude than you do. Indeed (1), our intention is complimentary." "How do you know I don't mean to be rude?" I remember asking. "It's the only way to get rid of some people."; "What have you done?" I gasped. But he bore me backward as if I had been a child (1), and in a moment gagged me with a towel. "A superfluous precaution (1), " he said. "The deafening is excellent. Now (1), my dear blockhead! A little increase of your dose has made your limbs as wooden as your head always was. You'll make an admirable listener (1), one of the most developed species of the lower vertebrates." (1), Billy and Boyd Parham; wolf trapping; New Mexico/Mexico border; wounded she-wolf; murder and horse-thievery; banditos; palm readers; a disused plane; marked grave in the wrong country; endlessly crossing the border--landscape (1), but much more complicated and vivid (1), Eli & Charlie Sisters paid assassins; working for the Commodore; Hermann Kermit Warm's formula; prospectors and a River of Light; thievery and murder and unfair duels; horse blinded in one eye by a bear; funny and gritty and exciting; caustic comeuppance; (1), and fold their garments wearily and disappear."; "So much depends then (1), thought Lily Briscoe (1), looking at the sea which had scarcely a stain on it (1), which was so soft that the sails and the clouds seemed set in its blue (1), so much depends (1), she thought (1), upon distance . . ." (1), Western horror; full of clichés for both genres (1), but still entertaining; demons and cacti; sacrifices and religion; possession and poetic justice; "That god-awful shuffling started up (1), as George had known it would (1), and it brought to mind a herd of buffalo snorting warm air on a cold morning." (1), the taste of which was so poor it actually startled me (1), they would look (1), and it took my every bit of politeness not to spit the liquid out. Dredging my finger along the bottom of the cup (1), I brought up a mound of grit (1), I smelled and then licked this and identified it as dirt. People will often describe something as 'tasting like' dirt (1), but this was not the case (1), here--my cup held earth and hot water (1), nothing more. I believe the man (1), through some lonely prospector mania (1), had begun brewing dirt and tricking himself into believing it as coffee. I had a mind to broach the subject with him but he was so pleased to be sharing (1), and I did not want to upset his pride; at any rate (1), who did I think I was to try and undo what had surely taken many days and nights to become fact for him?" (1), Surprisingly funny (1), on the shut eyes and the loosely clasping fingers (1), as if they had feather-light fingers and the light persistency of feathers (1), beneath the lava; do not disinter us."; "I have a vague feeling now that such a thing as beauty without thorn and love of the senses without torment does exist."; “Whip me (1), Silly (1), god (1), yes (1), complicated (1), laugh (1), gall (1), Hutchins (1), sobbing (1), indeed (1), walls (1), pensive (1), oh (1), once (1), ghostlily (1), Evocative (1), damn you (1), after all (1), circling (1), "The Tractate Middoth" (1), invented (1), I believe (1), " he added (1), they must cease. Whatever else may perish and disappear what lies here is steadfast. Here one might say to those sliding lights (1), that breathe and bend over the bed itself (1), here you can neither touch nor destroy. Upon which (1), wearily (1), well-written and poetic; masochism on demand; furs galore; stilettos and whips; love and desire all ajumble; painful lessons; slaves and masters; "Stay among your northern fogs and Christian incense; let us pagans remain under the debris (1), ” I begged (1), and even snakes: the same in kind as these (1), must carry on an invisible (1), Miss Carew. My life has been one long failure (1), so it is scarcely to be wondered at that I fly to drink for consolation." (1), Existential; self-loathing; misanthropy; pain and happiness; toothaches; a dinner party gone awry; old school friends who aren't friends; a prostitute's commiseration; dedication to misery and a distance from society; "I will explain; the enjoyment was ju (1), that it was horrible (1), but that it could not be otherwise; that there was no escape for you; that you never could become a different man; that even if time and faith were still left you to change into something different you would most likely not wish to change; or if you did w (1), even then you would do nothing; because perhaps in reality there was nothing for you to change into."; " . . . anyway I have felt ashamed all the time I've been writing this story; so it's hardly literature so much as a corrective punishment." (1), Coldpac storage; half-life; mysterious messages via advertisements; Ubik as godlike force; Psi teams; explosions; moon trips; mind-race between paranormals and their blockers; time regression; some awkward invented words--some brilliant (conapt vs. precog (1), choice water (1), slow-aged for perfect flavor (1), Ubik is the nation's number-one choice in beer. Made only in Cleveland."; "Prior forms (1), he reflected (1), residual life in every object. The past is latent (1), astonishment; mysterious manuscript; a knobkerrie bludgeoning; false identities; polygamy; fleeing across the ocean; ". . . he was as active as a squirrel (1), is submerged (1), but still there (1), capable of rising to the surface once the later imprinting unfortunately--and against ordinary experience--vanished. The man contains--not the boy--but earlier men (1), he thought. History began a long time ago." (1), From Jamaican plantation to Britain-bound barque; torture of animals as sport; a sad fight between a tiger and lion; a rotten monkey tail and botched surgery; pirates and drag queens; an unusual (1), somnambulistic murder; innocence and experience shaking hands; children and adults vying for their own space on deck; earthquakes and typhoons; a world undone and then reset treacherously aright; "One cannot wish for a more comfortable seat than an acquie (1), and nebulous that can hardly be put into language. To take a metaphor from tadpoles (1), though legs were growing her gills had not yet dropped off. Being nearly four years old (1), she was certainly a child: and children are human (if one allows the term "human" a wide sense): but she had not altogether ceased to be a baby: and babies of course are not human--they are animals (1), and have a very ancient and ramified culture (1), as cats have (1), and fishes (1), and about as useful."; "We cannot be above the depths to which we have fallen (1), Family secrets; murder; a bar to marriage; oft-used words: lover (1), “whip me without mercy.”Wanda swung the whip (1), Antiquary ghost stories; subtle and intellectual; ancient coins and manuscripts and buildings; favorite stories: "The Mezzotint" (1), and hit me twice. “Are you satisfied now?”“No.”“Seriously (1), no?” (1), Humorous short stories; most fell flat; some shortlisted stories were far better than the winners; most lacked distinct style; clichéd and amateurish (1), at times; a handful were truly inspired: "Pseudonym" ("You know you ran around the house screaming like a schoolgirl hyped up on fizzy drinks.") (1), "To Hull and Back" (1), "Own Devices" (1), "Any Old Iron" ("He had to look his best for us (1), he always joked (1), shrewd blue eyes twinkling as he warmed up to his tale (1), playing us (1), his audience."). (1), "Mr Humphreys and His Inheritance" (1), kidneys. The inward parts of the beast who dreams of man and has so dreamt in running dreams a hundred thousand years and more. Dreams of that malignant lesser god come pale and naked and alien to slaughter all his clan and kin and rout them from their ho (1), "A Warning to the Curious" (1), whether with or without some feeling of kindliness towards his unknown nephew (1), had contributed so much to his well-being; for he felt that Wilsthorpe was a place in which he could be happy (1), and especially happy (1), it might be (1), "Rats"; "It made him rather sad that he could not be sorry — dolebat se dolere non posse — for the man who (1), in its library." (Mr Humphreys and His Inheritance); " . . . but why do I encumber you with these commonplace details? The fact is that they come crowding to the point of the pencil when it begins to write of Seaburgh. I should like to be sure that I had (1), of meaning (1), of the material and immaterial world; every paragraph a gem in style; beautiful (1), gravelly (1), and staring at the open-eyed indifference of it all; nature (1), man; “There in the dusty light from the one small window on shelves of roughsawed pine stood a collection of fruitjars and bottles with ground glass stoppers and old apothecary jars all bearing antique octagon labels edged in red upon which in Echols’ (1), ’ I said (1)
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