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Tietoja minustaI'm new at this. And at FaceBook. I need mentoring for LT (LibraryThing).

Retired from IH (etc.) as a computer programmer/systems analyst (IBM mainframes, OS 360) after 37 1/2 years. Was a scab 3 times: Columbus (OH) Plastics - 2nd shift fiberglass pressman #205, Waukesha (WI) foundry - milling machine operator and Melrose Park (IL) engine plant - piston ringer and fork lift driver. Really helped me to appreciate my day job.

Professional pilot major in college (Univ. of Ill.). Have a commercial license with multi-engine rating. Have a ground instructor license, with advanced and instrument ratings. My CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) license is expired. Have flown: Champion 7FC Tri-Traveller (Tri-Champ); Aeronca 7EC Champion; Cessna 140, 150, 172, 175 and 182; Beechcraft P35 Bonanza and Piper PA-23 Apache. But, no flying since college.

Six kids. Stopped (cut down) on book buying when the first one was born (July '72). Started up again in 2007.

I'm also U.S. Army, Pentagon (computer programmer, MOS of 74Foxtrot), two years (69-70). Basic at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. Three daughters went into the Air Force.

Basic from Dec. 2, 1968 to March 7, 1969. Squad leader, Acting Corporal: 2nd squad, 1st platoon, Company B, First Battalion, Third Brigade, Fifth Army, United States Army. SFC Hamel (Sr. DI), SFC Henry (Asst. Sr. DI), SSgt Greene and Sgt Mapp. During my cycle, Hamel was the 'bad cop', Henry was the 'good cop'. AWOL twice, company punishment once, never lost my stripes. For 2 days, I was a Temporary Acting Sergeant.

Answering the telephone at the Pentagon (in the sub-basement): 'United States Army Management Systems Support Agency, Specialist Chesney speaking, good morning, how may I help you Sir'. Phew, that was always a mouthful!

I have a love of aviation (none since college), hunting (none since early teens), fishing (never enough), scale modeling (no skill), education (but no more due dates) and the outdoors (South Table Mountain, CO).

Loads of college: 7 universities (IIT, NIU, U of Illinois, George Washington U, U of Chicago, DePaul U and Chicago Kent); 3 degrees (BS, MBA and JD); over 9 years worth (4+2+3).

Married, for over 48 years. 16 grandchildren. I believe that is the final tally.

I love my books. NO! I love my family. I am very fond of my books. (My wife, looking over my shoulder, just corrected me: 'No, you love your books.')

/// Side note: I was close with three cousins and another kid from Logan Square, Chicago. I went to college, they went to Vietnam. Two came back with body parts missing, one with a metal plate in his head. After college and basic training, I went to the Pentagon - After all, I was college educated. I have a debt. It's very personal. (I was writing this as part of my review for "Up Front", by Bill Mauldin. It's better here.) ///

Tietoja kirjastostaniI view my first three months (and counting) on LT as development. Only one tag per book. The titles are useful for my initial cataloging purposes (i.e., Volume 04, not Volume IV). I am slowly getting more into LT. Series has been a big help!

About 1,800 books, but constantly growing (my wife keeps threatening my debit card).

With the help of my grandchildren, especially 6 year old Rylan (she is dynamite with a power screw driver) we have assembled 3 new 48" by 72" bookcases. I pretty much have all of my books out of cardboard boxes and in nice to acceptable bookcases. 1 or 2 more bookcases are needed.

Now I need to handle my paperbacks (a cabinet?), magazines (binders?) and LOA (Library of America) books (enclosed shelving?).

All of my books are in LT, including the paperbacks and on order (lest I forget). Now for the magazines, games, VCRs, DVDs, maps, jigsaw puzzles, record albums, scale model kits, art posters, etc.

My main interests are military (heavily oriented towards World War II, reference, official histories and esoteric subjects) and quality literature (i.e., LOA, Black's Readers Service, Avenel mysteries/suspense/sci-fi/westerns, etc.). Also, wildlife and big game hunting (Capstick, McManus, Resnick, Ruark, etc.). I actually read my books. I have enough to get me to 140 years old, at least.

I started seriously buying books (a few) when I was in the Pentagon. There were two book stores in the Pentagon shopping mall. The mall was open to the public, as were the bus depot and some cafeterias(?). One book store was the GPO (Government Printing Office).

What happens to my books when I am gone is a big concern to me.

Will volumes 2 and 3 of "Aircraft of the Third Reich", by William Green, ever be published? First it was Spring and Autumn of 2011. Then it was early and late 2012. Time to contact the publisher again. (As of April 29, 2012)

Due to my kids, I have been out of touch from the early 70's to the late 00's.

Ryhmät50-Something Library Thingers, Aerial Warfare, All Things Discworldian - The Guild of Pratchett Fans, American Civil War, Ancient History, Aviation, Baker Street and Beyond, Book Care and Repair, Bookcases: If You Build/Buy Them, They Will Fill, Chicagoansnäytä kaikki ryhmät

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Oikea nimiTerry Chesney

SijaintiWoodridge, IL, USA (western suburbs of Chicago)

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Parhaillaan lukemassaThe Ordnance Department: Planning Munitions for War – tekijä: Constance McLaughlin Green
Hearn: American Writings: Some Chinese Ghosts / Chita / Two Years in the French West Indies / Youma / Selected Journalism & Letters – tekijä: Lafcadio Hearn

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