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Dec 31, 2018
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About My Library
My library, while being very small right now, means more to me then most will probably understand. I use to read a lot growing up, it was my escape from reality (fantasy lover over here) and for the last 9 years it was taken from me due to an abusive relationship. I wasn’t allowed to buy books, get a library card, or just read in general which included having book gifts taken from me. But this year (2018) I was able to break free from that and have since been slowly crawling my way back towards my passion for reading. I can’t wait for my library to grow and become something I have always dreamed of having. My books mean the world to me and I plan on never letting them go again.
About Me
I’m a single mother of one girl, fantasy is my absolute favorite genre. I love a good story that involves Kings, castles, knights, dragons and so much more. I also have a huge love for graphic novels and mangas, I enjoy art, I draw myself although I’m a little out of practice, but in time I will gain it back. Reading is a passion of mine that I’m slowly gaining back, now to met others who love reading is my next step!
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