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Tietoja minustaSpokane Mountaineers Librarian: Steve Reynolds

Tietoja kirjastostaniWelcome to the Spokane Mountaineers' library.

The Spokane Mountaineers are a nonprofit, all-volunteer outdoors club, founded in 1915 and serving the greater Inland Northwest of the U.S. (the greater eastern Washington and north Idaho area). The club strongly promotes conservation, fields an active Search and Rescue team, and provides free or low-cost instruction and activities for the following: hiking and backpacking, climbing (mountaineering, rock, ice, youth), mountain biking, road cycling, skiing (cross-country, backcountry, telemark, resort), snowshoeing, and kayaking and canoeing.

The library originally consisted of 20-25 books at the club's Mt. Spokane chalet in 1961, when Bill Fix was chosen as the first librarian. Bill generously expanded the library to well over 300 titles until the fall of 2006, when he graciously passed the title of Librarian to myself.

I've added much to the library since then (I am open to member's purchasing suggestions, and we as a club are grateful for donations), and began listing the titles on Library Thing March 1, 2008. Titles in the library include mountaineering and outdoor literature, instructional manuals, guides, and periodicals. As of April 4, all books have been entered, and I have begun to add the periodicals. I will continue to add to Library Thing as time permits. Below is a tracker showing locations of recent visitors to this page.


To see the library, click on the hyperlink "see library" at the top of this page and to the left of the club logo, or you can click here. This links to a spread sheet showing all the titles: if, at the top of the page, you click on "use it" for the suggested display style, you should see the books listed alphabetically by author. You're welcome to search and use all the features of this website, which are continually expanding. When viewing our library, in the "Comments" column, I have listed in order the condition of the book (first rating is for the book, second rating is for the dust jacket if one exists), binding (hardcover or paperback), edition (first editions are generally more valuable), and notes of interest. I am also editing and revising all the keywords used as "tags," so members can search for titles by keywords of interest.

Following are the book condition ratings, which may be either spelled out or abbreviated:
New (N): Pristine.
Fine (F): Nearly new, is clean and bright, but without crispness. Has no visible defects, nor rips or stains in dust jacket.
Near Fine (NF): Clean and bright, but with one or two minor signs of wear such as a knick or scratch.
Very Good (VG): Clean and bright but has several minor signs of age and small defects including knicks and scratches.
Good (G): A slightly-better-than-average book showing signs of wear including small tears and defects, and a worn cover, but interior is clean.
Fair (Fr): An average book showing great signs of wear and possibly with one or more major defects, but is complete and with a clean interior.
Poor (P): Is well-read, has obvious and great signs of wear and major defects, may not be complete, and may be in need of repair.

Other abbreviations used in Comments:
Dust Jacket (DJ): Removable paper cover, usually only on books that are a hardcover.
Ex-lib (XL): Decommissioned from a public library or institution.
Remainder (R): Are books that typically did not originally sell well and were sold at a greatly reduced rate by a publisher, distributor, or bookseller. Remainders are marked commonly on the top or bottom pages with a pen stroke. There are a small number of remainders in the Spokane Mountaineers' library.
Advance Reader's Copy (ARC): Or Advance Readers Edition, a pre-publication edition sent to reviewers, bookstores, magazines, and libraries. An ARC is typically a paperback, with lesser quality paper and printing, with text prior to final copy editing and proofreading, and without photos, illustrations, or an index.
Edition (Ed. or ed.): A first edition is generally the first commercial print run of a book. A book's edition is normally noted on one of the title pages, along with the publisher, date of publication, copyright, ISBN, and other information.

Archived books are noted in the Comments column; there exist a great number of archived works in the club's collection. Titles are archived due to their value, condition, historical significance, or other factors. They are not loaned, but may be examined at the library. The Librarians have the discretion to loan or not loan any item. You are welcome to peruse the books online here, and to visit the library by contacting myself.

Thank you,
Steve Reynolds

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