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Psyche and the Hurricane: Poems 1986 - 1990 – tekijä: Michele Roberts

Lord of the Shadows (Second Sons Trilogy, 3) – tekijä: Jennifer Fallon

Ali and Nino – tekijä: Kurban Said

Ship of Destiny (The Liveship Traders, 3) – tekijä: Robin Hobb

Moving – tekijä: Michael Rosen

My Antonia – tekijä: Willa Cather

The Soul Weaver (Bridge of D'Arnath, 3) – tekijä: Carol Berg

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Tietoja minustaReading. Lots of it. That's a big part of what makes me, me.

I have three cats and a husband.

Charley is very naughty, kittenish and is constantly losing his collar and name tag. I think we're on number 8. We've discovered he's part Bengal (he's an SPCA kitty, like his big adopted sister) so this accounts for the strange and wonderful things he likes to do: Sitting in toilet bowls, eating fluff, refusing to drink out of bowls and only from a running tap and so on. He talks as well, a lot. Chirps, and howls, and squeaks, and long wails.

Ginny startles easily, and likes to hide. She has several spots around the place. Her favourite spot currently is the hot water cupboard - on the bathmats, or on a kitteh blanket I've placed in there. She hisses, growls and spits a lot, but it's all noise. The blunt truth is that Ginny is often a grizzly, whiny, grumpy cat. I think that's why I love her. She has permanent PMS. We relate well.

Harvey is our new baby girl - she was semi-feral and trapped inside by my enterprising husband. Thanks to hand feeding and patience, she is now an affectionate, house trained kitteh who follows me everywhere. She adores Charley, to the point if she's not following ME, she's following him. See profile pic for example. We don't trust her outside on her own - she eats ~anything~. Last week it was raisins...

Leif (the husband) is attached to his computer and I feed him with a spoon and straw so that he doesn't have to step away from the keyboard. Unless he's napping on the couch...with kitties. He doesn't read as much as me, but he does appreciate my books and is slowly reading some of them...

In regards to this place I pop into the Green Dragon from time to time. Good place that.

Tietoja kirjastostaniI only list books that I own.

I have three shelves: the speculative fiction shelf; a smaller one for lit. fiction; and the other miscellany (and yet more fantasy) is on a third shelf in the office. Fragile things, and children's picture books, are in a box. Our house is very small - crowded with cats and books.


I love tags.

If the start of a series has made it into my Top 40 tag group (somewhat obviously it refers to my Favourite Books of All Time), it means I've counted the whole series as one book - given that one series tells one story after all.

And if a book (particularly a literary fiction or fantasy one) doesn't seem very detailed in terms of tags, it's likely because I haven't read it yet, or it's one that I read long ago and can't remember very well. Curses!

I also have rambly little comments next to many of my books, which compensates for all those unwritten reviews...or so I tell myself.

Now, if you've actually read all this come over to the Green Dragon and have a pint or two.

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