About My Library
"Your library" = only the books I own; for all books I've read you need to select "all collections" (except 'wishlist')

"Wishlist" = not really maintained (I seem to use paper lists for this, or my local library list feature)

Many of the books in collection "Read from Others" are a bit strange, and I'm not sure I'd read them again: I read them ages ago when I was desperate for things to read ;) They include reads from ex, friends, Bookcrossing, etc
About Me
Reading's like breathing... and eating and sleeping... essential to my life.
I can't conceive of a life without reading, and I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't reading.
I love many different sorts of books, but in the last years I've just been focusing on fantasy, which is amazing: so many different things, so much to catch up and read...
I'm an admin at the FantasyFaction forum, and if you like discussing books (and other things) at a slower pace than social media, with an international group of people, then come take a look!

My biggest regret: so many books, so little time!

In 2010 I discovered my local library, and I've been a heavy user since... it's my favourite place in town, giving me a chance to try new books and rediscover old ones.
West Yorkshire
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Local Favorites

Kirjakauppoja: Read.Holmfirth, Waterstone's Huddersfield - King Street, Waterstone's Leeds

Kirjastoja: Huddersfield Library and Art Gallery

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