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Feb 22, 2023
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Robbie Swale
About Me

I am a leadership coach, author and the host of two podcasts: The Coach’s Journey Podcast and the 12-Minute Method Podcast.

I knows what it’s like to be stuck in creative hell. I had a series of ideas and opportunities that passed me by until, wrestling with procrastination and resistance, I started on the journey that created the 12-Minute Method.

My four books, written using that 12-Minute Method, make up the 12-Minute Method series: designed to help readers beat procrastination, be more productive and finally how to do that thing... You know the one. The one you’ve been meaning to do for years.

In the first decade of my career, I was a director, a trustee, a manager, a leader and an administrator. In a search to find work that took advantage of my strengths, what I love and how I wants to contribute to the world, I found coaching. Now I work with clients on creativity, leading with honour, and the craft and business of coaching.

Read more, including the 12-minute blog, at www.robbieswale.com.

Read more about The Coach’s Journey Podcast at www.thecoachsjourney.com.

West Midlands, UK