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Tietoja minustaI began reading at about 4. No...wait... I was asking, "What's that letter," at four. By 5 I had progressed past, "So what does that spell," and on to, "So why does this [an adjective] need to come before this [a noun]?"

I read my first novel at 6. Watership Down didn't impress me then. I don't think I got all the imagery in my head at the time. My parents thought it would be fun to go see the movie. Let me tell you, I didn't touch the book again until I was 16. That movie solidified some images that I thought I had missed in the book, and those images sometimes crop up in my current dreams.

There were plenty of books lying around. My total library is made up of books that my family has had in the house since long before I was even a tickle and a thought. I went on to finish all those books by the time I was 17. Some of them many times.

My first personally owned novel was given to me by my grandmother's sister. Anne McCafferey's The White Dragon. I read it and then started building my Science Fiction collection from there. Science Fiction is my mainstay for reading pleasure and it is all due to that first owned book.

Other than Science Fiction, and its companion Fantasy, I enjoy reading science books such as Anthropology, Physics, Mythology, and Math.

From 1997 to 2014, I volunteered to work on the operations team of Pantheacon (a pantheistic convention held in the San Francisco Bay Area).

Tietoja kirjastostaniAfter entering the easily accessible portion of my library (the rest are in boxes in storage), I've come to the realization that I didn't quite have as many Science Fiction and Fantasy books as I thought. Almost 1000 books does constitute "quite a bit," but there is more variety in the library than I had suspected.

[6-16-07] Crawled into my attic to retrieve some of the Biographies and Mysteries that my wife and I stashed in there 10 years or so ago. Culled many, and may cull more, but I'm busy entering again.

[8-30-07] 2007 Donation Count: 474.

[9-8-07] Started entering the books that have found a home on my son's bookshelf.

[3-28-08] Got an e-mail (as opposed to a comment) asking why Watership Down was not in my collection since I've claimed to have read it. Well ... many moons ago I traded it with someone from Australia (I've now lost the address) using FUBS (FidoNet Used Book Service [I remember it as Service, most others say Squad]). I've forgotten which books I got in the trade, although I'm pretty positive that it was one or two of the Australian published books. Mindswap is a likely candidate...

[03-17-2016] Many years since an update. Yikes! Going through the collection again to capture data that could not be entered when I last left it. I'm finding several books that have gone astray. I am tagging those "Missing" so that if I find them I won't need to reenter the information. I'll delete later if I haven't found them by the time I've gone through the house.

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