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Silent in the grave – tekijä: Deanna Raybourn

Sean Bean : the biography – tekijä: Laura Jackson

Making instruction work, or, Skillbloomers : a step-by-step guide to designing and developing intruction that works – tekijä: Robert Frank Mager

From dawn to decadence : 500 years of western cultural life : 1500 to the present – tekijä: Jacques Barzun

Don't make me think! : a common sense approach to Web usability – tekijä: Steve Krug

Freedom & Necessity – tekijä: Steven Brust

McKettrick's choice – tekijä: Linda Lael Miller

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OTHER than Amazon.




I facilitate 3 book groups (send out monthly meeting date reminders and keep track of titles). One group reads historical fiction, another classics (fairly loosely defined), and the third reads books to help us increase our historical knowledge.

As you can tell by my profile picture, I am a fan of J. W. Waterhouse. I love Pre-Raphaelite art. I'm also a fan of international music (check out Songlines magazine as a great review source). I like classical music peppy (Baroque, Slavic, etc.), rock alternative, and hip hop old school. I also love old movies -- Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Betty Hutton, Joan Blondell, and James Gleason are favorites. I love to dance and to watch dance.

Tietoja kirjastostaniI primarily own works of history (military, women's, 19th century, etc.), historical fiction (including mystery and romance), and classics. In general I prefer fantasy to science fiction, but I do have works of science nonfiction in my library. I have 50+ how-to-write books, some of which I've actually read. I worked in desktop publishing for 9 years and to help with that job I acquired books on training, knowledge management, technical communication, markup languages, and software applications.

I sometimes buy books based on beautiful covers. Also on size -- big, fat history books catch my eye every time. In addition to learning about books in bricks-and-mortar and online stores, and on listservs, I read _Publishers Weekly_ (at the library now that it's no longer on newsstands). Although it has ceased print publication, you can find Civil War Book Review online. And I get in all kinds of trouble by reading notes and bibliographies in books I already own, leading me to more titles I must acquire.

As of January 2013 I have maybe 20-25% of my library catalogued here. All books listed I do actually own, with the exception of a few recently sold for a pittance to a used bookstore. My wishlist is in a 5-subject notebook (two sections for fiction, two for non-fiction, and one for magazine articles & dissertations).

Tags in progress, if slowly: about 90% of my current catalog is tagged. I'm reimporting books originally entered using Amazon as a data source and adding tags as I go. Most tags should be self-explanatory; however, any tag beginning with "@" is associated with fiction and identifies a place or motif appearing in the novel.

NOTE: If you visit my library from time to time to see what has changed, choose the recommended format. It uses the field for date entered, which you can easily sort on to see what is new. Or at least newly added.

Feel free, if you stumble across my library, to leave me a comment telling me how you arrived here. In case you don't care to leave a comment, the map will serve as my guestbook.
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Here's another map:

My Other Pages
• The 999 Challenge is to read 9 books in each of 9 categories in 2009. Here's my challenge thread.
• The 1010 Challenge is to read books in each of 10 categories in 2010. Here's my challenge thread.
• The 2013 Category Challenge is to read books in each of 13 categories in 2013. Here's my challenge thread.
• The 2020 Category Challenge lets you make up your own categories and challenges. Here's my challenge thread.
My Book Group Titles Wiki is the place I will track what books my three book groups have read over the years. It is not yet in use.

Other Peoples' Pages
Comparison of Book Swapping Sites
Reading Through Time Challenge wiki
Group Reads of 2013 wiki

Other Interesting Web Sites
Literature-Map - type in an author's name to find readalikes
Project Gutenberg - free ebooks
Tardis Index File - Doctor Who Wiki

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• Catalog last updated 3 November 2014.

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Parhaillaan lukemassaThe whiskey rebels : a novel – tekijä: David Liss
The Tory widow – tekijä: Christine Blevins

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