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Apr 14, 2007
About My Library
These are all the books we both own and have in our house. Since we both love literature, the literary novels are the main representation. But between us, we've studied and love maths, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, politics, genetics/biochemistry to degree level or beyond - hence a lot of technical books in these subjects. We're also very passionate about science generally, so lots of science books too. And a smattering of a bunch of other subjects, as we're interested in a lot of different things!

All ratings, reviews and read-by dates are added just by me (Daniel).
About Me
We're a couple:
Until recently, I (Rachana) was a research scientist (molecular biology) at Cambridge University. Now I'm doing a part-time degree in maths, and working out what I want to do with my life. In 2002 I took some time away from research to do another first degree in philosophy and politics.

I (Daniel) am a research scientist (neuroscience) at Cambridge University. I also have a background in philosophy. I've published a popular science book, THE RAVENOUS BRAIN, on the science of consciousness, published by Basic Books. I've also written feature articles for science/tech magazines, such as Wired UK, New Scientist and Scientific American Mind.

We have a beautiful daughter, Lalana, born in August 2010.
Cambridge, UK

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