About My Library
About half of my library is made up of books I actually have procured mostly b/c of college classes but also for personal interests and the other half are books from an actual library or at least on loan from someone else.
About Me
I hope to become an author one day or at least teach comparative literature. The areas I like to focus on are Japanese literature, particularly contemporary/Post-Occupation era, Indigenous literatures, and antiquarian volumes. We'll see how that goes. If you have any suggestions on literary theory, literature in general or something else potentially fascinating that does not appear in my library, please send me a message.
As for books, I actually have a problem with books (I am very suspect that it might be bibliomania). I can get touchy when someone messes with the books in my room and I can't really stand to part with them, which can be a bother if I don't actually own them.
Tacoma, Washington, USA
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