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Richard R Charron
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Books listed show my interest in several subjects, including theology, the sciences, library science, and law. My fiction reading centers around mystery stories. Those are mostly law books and mystery stories.

As a young man was especially interested in the mystery writers Phoebe Atwood Taylor (have all her books under the three names she used--now trying to replace the paperbacks with hard cover books) and Elizabeth Daly. Also read the Hardy Boys series, but preferred the Rick Brant science adventure series. Still enjoy reading boys' books.

Trying to collect complete sets of some early boys' books: the Ocean Wireless Boys series, and the three Radio Boys series. Some of these are Stratemeyer series. Have finally collected the entire Railroad Series (Ralph of the Railroad). Am trying to collect three other series: Chip Hilton, Ken Holt (almost there!), and Rick Brant. Was very much into the Rick Brant series when I was a teenager but local book stores were inconsistent about having new issues in stock.

About Me

Part-time educational assistant (tutor) in writing, mathematics, accounting, business law, and music at CTState Community College Capital. Music director of the Church of St. Andrew the Apostle, Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

Beginning degree work in automobile repair technology at CTState Community College Naugatuck Valley.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Husson College, Bangor, Maine (now: Husson University); a Juris Doctor from Massachusetts School of Law, Andover, Massachusetts; and an Associate in Arts from Capital Community College, Hartford, Connecticut (now: CTState Community College Capital). In addition, I am a graduate of the Black Ministries Program, Hartford Seminary (now: Hartford International University for Religion and Peace).

Amateur radio: KB1FXT (Amateur Extra)

Hartford CT
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Kirjakauppoja: Barnes & Noble Booksellers - West Hartford

Kirjastoja: Arthur C. Banks Library at Capital Community College, Connecticut State Library, Hartford Public Library, Hartford Public Library, Campfield Branch, Law Library (A University of Connecticut Library), Metropolitan Community Church, Noah Webster Library (West Hartford Public Library - Main)

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