About My Library

I have been collecting books most of my life. At one time my library consisted of mostly softback books (couldn't afford HBs). As I got older and got a job not involving hamburgers or throwing papers I was eventually able to see what it was like having a book that weighed enough to not blow away in the wind. Now my library consists of almost all HB books except for the classics and collectibles I have from when I was only buying paperbacks.

I have been fortunate enough to even get some First Editions and signed copies of some major (and minor) books. Books are my friend and help to keep me sane and balanced (tho some might disagree) in these times; i.e. they make a good escape from 'reality' as well as a good measure of what is ultimately real, past and present.

Houston, TX 77095
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Local Favorites

Kirjakauppoja: Barnes & Noble Booksellers - The Centre in Copperfield, Half Price Books - Copperfield Plaza

Kirjastoja: Harris County Public Library - Cy-Fair College Library