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About My Library

In the interest of space, I've had to weed my collection ruthlessly, removing duplicates and letting go of books I know that I will probably never read again. I've been retired for over ten years now, and have converted a small extra bedroom into my "Hibernator:" complete with comfy reclining chair, PS4 station for playing Skyrim, No Man's Sky, the Uncharted series, Far Cry: Primal, to name a few, a flat screen TV and sound system for music. It's heaven! I do welcome corrections and/or suggestions as to tags - cataloging was never my passion!

About Me
I'm a retired corporate reference librarian and I've loved books and reading since I was 5. Doing research in a library was just a way to afford more books [and music and movies]! Farenheit 451 was my very first sci/fi book and I've never looked back.
El Paso, Texas
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