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Tietoja minustaWith worship groups in Forty Fort and Sterling, PA, North Branch Friends serves a huge geographic area: Luzerne County and everything east or north of it, as far as the New York border. We're an active, enthusiastic group of Friends--please drop by to visit whenever you're in the area!

By the way, anyone is welcome to use our collection of free virtual resources, available at http://northbranch.quaker.org/library.html . There's more to read, watch, and listen to than anyone is likely to finish!

Tietoja kirjastostaniOur small library includes books by and about Friends, of course, as well as a variety of offerings on topics related to our concerns and testimonies.

How to borrow a book: When you find a book you’d like to read, click on its title to open a page with more information about it. Look next to the word “Collections” to see where the book is kept.

If the book is at Sem, you can get it out of the cabinet next time you’re at meeting. If it’s at someone’s house, contact that family to make arrangements to get the book. Either way, when you borrow the book, let Weavre know so that she can change the listing in LibraryThing. While you have it, the book will show up as being housed with you. Keep it as long as you like—your home is a perfectly good shelf for our distributed library!

The image: For many years now, our library has been housed at the back of the instrument closet off the band room in the school where we meet. The empty space on the bottom of the cabinet is where the supplies for First Day School go--and the kids were happily using them when we took this picture!

New note: We've been expanding our library! Inspired by a desire to accept a generous donation of weeded books from Moorestown Monthly Meeting (thank you!), we conceived a new plan. We've distributed our library holdings to various Friends' houses, using LibraryThing to track the location of each book. This will also allow us to include library listings for titles owned by meeting members who are willing to loan their books to one another, but don't want to donate the books permanently to meeting. Finally, our little cabinet in the instrument closet no longer limits the size of our library!

Old note: The entries here are intended to let our members and attenders know what's available to read; some books undoubtedly are actually different printings of the LibraryThing entries. That's because our books are stored in a small cabinet behind the music instrument storage in the back closet of the band room at the school where we meet. There's no computer there. So, our Young Friends went in with pencil and paper to copy ISBNs where available, or at least the title and author for everything else, so we could enter our library. Where there's no ISBN, and title and author returned multiple printings, we simply picked one and added it, wanting to let Friends know we have the book available to read even if we weren't sure which printing we own.

RyhmätFriends (Quaker) Libraries of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting


Oikea nimiNorth Branch Friends (Quakers)

SijaintiNortheast Pennsylvania

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