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Maria Satterley
About My Library
My library is an eclectic collection with romance, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, war, youth, popular, non-fiction and classics. I've studied youth and Australian literature at University and dabbled in Australian gothic film. I also have access to my daughter's library which contains many current and classic novels. She has studied writing having had a love of reading instilled in her at a young age. She now holds a degree in Professional and Creative Writing. Part of my now deceased Father's, Mother's and Brother's libraries also reside at my home. My kobo ereader is bursting with books, so much so that many are stored on my computer. My favourite novella is the 'The Old Man the Sea' by Ernest Hemingway and favourite novel 'Round the Bend' by Nevil Shute.
About Me
I'm a voracious reader having been seen with books in my hands since an early age. Deciding to return to work at the age of 47 I chose teaching with one of my specialisations being English. My love of the written word has driven me to ignite the same passion in my students, introduce them to worlds beyond their imagination and help them see that all is not what it seems in their own lives. The printed word helps our young develop compassion by looking at the world through the eyes of others, evolve critical thinking, learn from history and make a better world. Graphic novels open the joy of reading for those who struggled before. It allows them the same ability to immerse themselves into worlds not accessible for their own imaginations to build before. They make themselves the hero or villain even if life is not exactly what they expect at present. Reading is for life, it's an escape from reality for a moment, but it's also an escape from the life you live now to a better place in the future when applied in an educational context. What a wonderful gift books and reading are.
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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