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Jan 3, 2021
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Marianne Malkaniemi
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Favorite Books:
Nonfiction, history, classics, self help, personal development, leadership, productivity, spirituality, business, fiction, Holocaust, psychology, inspirational, health, faith, audiobook,
About Me
Love children. Have also worked as an early childhood education teacher. Now I study physiotherapy.

Audio books and so called self improvement take much of my time also. Napoleon Hill - Success through positive mental attitude is great.

Nature is important to me. The sea and water in general are also very important.

Sometimes I go to a rock concert or to a "rave".

Competitive swimming, Body Pump, Body Combat, Spinning and other group exercise classes and jogging are also close to my heart.

I also enjoy watching sports on tv. Swimming especially.

I value: Tact, helping, self-improvement, humility.
Turku, Finland
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